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Supporting Amputees - Limbs 4 Life - Amputee Support in Melbourne, Victoria and across Australia. Empowering amputees with information and support. To achieve our mission and vision, Limbs 4 Life is pursuing the following objectives. Information. Develop and distribute information resources to support individuals affected by amputation. Develop and distribute information resources to support amputee-related medical and allied health care professionals. Raise awareness of amputees and related issues within the community. Support. Deliver peer support to amputees through access to a network of trained Peer Support Volunteers. Provide on-going support to amputees through the provision of education, social or sporting programs. Advocacy. Foster positive links and partnerships with government agencies, medical and allied health professionals and community organisations to promote the welfare, concerns and needs of amputees

  • Carers, Children and Youth Program - Limbs 4 Life - Limbs 4 Life Amputee Carers, Children and Youth program is a three year pilot project supported by the nib foundation. The program is based on providing formal and social support to parents, carers and young people who have a limb difference.

    Country:, Oceania, AU

    City: 143.2104 , Australia

  • C.Strawn - Finally a good game to play

    So far I've been enjoying the game. No real issues on launch but I am hoping that they fine tune some of the game mechanics (specifically how the "RPG" needs a surface to prop onto). After buying a few crap titles like no mans sky and division I was reluctant to pick it up but I'm actually glad I did.

  • kathy - This kit works!

    This kit works as well as the salon's $160 OPI lamp. I purchased this kit and my nails are as perfect 7 days later as they were when I did them.

  • John S. O'Neill - This book is a God-send for neophyte photographers

    I've just completed my first pass through the book, and intend to go through it again and again to soak up all the valuable information I've found during my first pass. I am a landscape photographer who wishes to sell copies of my photos. Ms. Bostic offers a great deal of information regarding this market, and how to approach it. I recommend it highly for any photographer who is serious about building a business around his/her talent.

  • stp1900 - Small soap bars

    These bars of soap were smaller than expected. I've bought other Oil of Olay soap and the bars are bigger.

  • Avireda - Not my favorite.

    I know this shampoo gets great reviews, but I do not understand why. It strips the hair of ALL natural oils along with the dirt. It also drys out skin. In addition to that, my pump broke after the first two uses. It sticks and stays down when you press it once. One pump is not enough, so I have to pull it back up over and over to pump it again and again. I do like the smell, but that is it. I would not recommend it.

  • The First Dr. Phil - A Good, CORDED razor!

    Try to find a "corded" razor in your local stores. Almost impossible. I purchased this for my father who simply wanted a razor with a cord. He's older, and the charging system confused him; some of the elderly cannot understand "modern" products. (If some of you there have older parents you may completely understand what I am saying). Nonetheless, he was very happy when he saw that all he had to do was plug it in, and the on/off switch is large and very easy to operate. He also liked how it felt and how the shave was. All in all, I was very happy that we were able to find this product. NOT EASY TO FIND A CORDED RAZOR anymore, and I stress that point.

  • Bob Bannon - I have been using this for tail gates for three ...

    I have been using this for tail gates for three years now. I change the oil each year as it sits in the garage all winter and spring, and it has always started right up for me each year when football season rolls around. A full tank will run from about sun up to sun down. (FYI - I am able to power a 50" lcd tv, a 32" lcd, a directv receiver, and a speaker system)