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Life Skills Education - Courses for Young People - Life Skills Education CIC develop and deliver life skills programmes to help young people improve their decision making, manage risk and peer pressure.

  • The DARE Primary Programme - Life Skills Education CIC - The DARE Primary Programme is a 'Life Skills' training programme for young people aged 9 - 11 designed to help them acquire a wide range of personal skills.
  • D-Vibe - Life Skills Education CIC - D-Vibe is a confidential online drug education survey with versions suitable for both primary and secondary students provided by Notts County Council.
  • On Track - Life Skills Education CIC - On Track is a life skills programme for 6-7 year olds to ensure that they grow up confidently, knowledgeably, responsibly and to recognise peer pressure.
  • Keep On Track - Life Skills Education CIC - Keep On Track is a life skills programme for 7-9 year olds written by teachers for teachers, parents and carers to use at home, in school and the community
  • Keepin it REAL - Life Skills Education CIC - Keepin it REAL is a secondary programme using the strategies of Refuse, Explain, Avoid and Leave whilst addressing decision-making and communication skills.
  • DARE Active - Life Skills Education CIC - DARE Active is a resource for 11 to 15 year olds, with principle themes around Responsibility, Achievement and Aspiration for use in schools and youth clubs
  • DARE Game - Life Skills Education CIC - The DARE Game is a free resource designed as a card game to enable young people to explore the law in relation to the Internet and legal drugs in a safe way
  • Teacher Training - Life Skills Education CIC - To support teachers and schools in the delivery of our Primary programme, we schedule a number of one day teacher training events at various venues.
  • DARE Officer Training - Life Skills Education CIC - DARE Officer Training courses support those Police Forces with officers and staff involved in coaching and mentoring young people to deliver DARE programmes
  • DARE Champion Training - Life Skills Education CIC - DARE Champion Training is available to those training, teaching, coaching and mentoring young people to deliver our DARE Active programme in the community
  • Evaluating Life Skills Programmes - Life Skills Education CIC - Evaluating life skills programmes is difficult, we are currently undertaking an independent randomised control sample evaluation of our primary programme.
  • Cart - Life Skills Education CIC - If your cart is empty you need to book a programme now. Buying your DARE programme is a three step process; choose your course, check your cart and pay.
  • About Life Skills Education CIC - Life Skills Education CIC - Find out about Life Skills Education CIC offices, staff and directors. All you need to know about us is on this page. You can call us 0300 111 3273.
  • DARE Primary Taster Session - Life Skills Education CIC - The DARE Primary Taster Session is for new schools to get know about DARE Primary. For £50 we will send a DARE Officer to deliver lesson 1 of the programme
  • Make a Donation - Life Skills Education CIC - Make a Donation: whether a one-off donation or a monthly gift, we promise that the donation you make today will be used to help us educate more children.

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