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  • L. Pease - I think the products are really great but too expensive

    I think the products are really great but too expensive. Whenever I see them reduced, I buy them because they really do work well on my skin. But then I am in my seventies. You probably don't need them if you are young.

  • R. Cole - Good quality but runs large

    Quality is good. These run quite large though. At least a half size if not a full size. I am surprised because I already have a pair of of older Nike Flex and they are distinctly smaller.

  • Dave Yankowiak - A must have for anybody who can't finish an entire bottle of wine in one night

    My wife and I like the occasional glass of wine. That's ONE glass each, which means we never finish a full bottle at once. This wine saver has definitely helped keep our wine fresh for the next evening when we partake in yet another glass of wine each. Would definitely buy again. We've had ours for a few years now and it continues to function just as well as the day we bought it. The rubber in the stoppers has held up perfectly.

  • Indy Pov - Works as advertised

    I like Outlook for organizing my Email - when I upgraded to Windows 8 Office Home and Student did not include Outlook??

  • Happy Shopper - It is sturdy and truly even cheese won't stick to it

    This is a must-have for casserole cooks. It is sturdy and truly even cheese won't stick to it. I've been using it for years since it was first on the market, even at higher prices. As soon as I open the last one in stock, I reorder.

  • S. Jenkins - Bad Advice

    The top five ways he lists to get a job might have worked years ago. Nowadays, employers don't want people hassling them. Networking is still good, but drop the rest! Aside from networking, if an employer says "Do it this way" then that is how you do it, unless you want to be blown off or laughed at. cold calling employers and bugging them will NOT make them magically say "Oh yeah, let's create a job opening for Random Guy X/skip our procedures just for this guy."