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  • Austin Muenter - Not what I ordered

    When purchasing this I expected to get the one in the pic and I did not. I got a cheaper one listed on here. All it did was cramp up my stomach and give me the shakes. Not a fan. When I stopped taking it I got huge headaches for a good week. Do not recommend it.

  • Humming Bird - Good Oils, Good Price

    I have been trying out different brands of essential oils for a while now, and this one ranks up high with a few others. The smells are crisp, and I especially like the Sweet Orange oil that came in this set. I dab the lavender on my pillow to help me sleep at night. This is a great bargain on oils that work just as well as DuTerra and Young Living. Especially good for people who are just getting into EO's. I recommend this.

  • Marj - Solar lights get brighter with motion

    These solar lights are constructed well with metal casing and a large solar panel. Screws are supplied. The lights work as described. Walk close and the light senses you and gets brighter. I have these in my large backyard along a path. I gave these lights a 5 star rating because they do everything as described by the seller.