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Lab-Ally scientific sales, biotechnology, lab services and informatics - Lab-Ally provides scientific sales, biotechnology, informatics software, laboratory services, biomedical research specimens, primary cells and more.

  • Partners - Lab-Ally - Lab-Ally is proud to have industry-leading partners in informatics, biotechnology, CRO and laboratory supplies across the globe. See our full list here.
  • ResearchSpace - Lab-Ally - Easy to use RSpace ELN by ResearchSpace is the best ELN for Universities needing enterprise research data management (RDM) and IP protection.
  • Folio Biosciences FFPE Biospecimens by Lab-Ally - Folio Biosciences biobank. FFPE specimens for oncology, histopathology, autoimmune, or neurological research. CLIA certified, 45CFR46 compliant.
  • Twofold Software - Lab-Ally - Lab-Ally LLC is now a U.S. distributor of the powerful Qualoupe LIMS by Twofold Software. Sample tracking and batch QA from manufacture to delivery.
  • Products - Full List - Lab-Ally - Lab-Ally offers a range of scientific data management software products, as well as FFPE samples, lab services and supplies for biomedical research
  • RSpace ELN - Lab-Ally - RSpace ELN is designed for enterprise deployment at Universities. It simplifies data management, scientific collaboration, institutional archiving and more.
  • RSpace Help and Lab Notebook assistance - Lab-Ally - RSpace help and support. Fast, efficient, friendly and effective. Get the most from your ELN.
  • CERF ELN, semantic metadata, 21CFR11 PKI digital signatures - CERF ELN is the best ELN available for small / medium biotechs, biopharma and regulated commercial or academic research labs.
  • LabSpeed LS - Lab-Ally - Lab-Ally is able to offer LabSpeed LS data-capture automation solution to help your laboratory realize comprehensive improvements in accuracy and efficiency
  • FFPE biospecimens and tissue samples for research - Lab-Ally biobank, FFPE biospecimens, human tissue samples and histology services.
  • Biospecimen Capabilities - Lab-Ally - Lab-Ally biospecimen & FFPE sample procurement, human tissue samples, histopathology lab services, high volume genomic screening.
  • Histopathology Resources - Lab-Ally - Resources related to histopathology research, human sample procurement and oncology standard of care, which limit tissue specimens available to researchers.
  • Algae bloom analysis, microcystin controls, aquatic monitoring - Harmful Algae Blooms and HAB monitoring, water testing, microcystin, phycocyanin and algal toxin reference specimens. Fluorometers and dewatering equipment.
  • Qualoupe LIMS - Lab-Ally - Lab-Ally is the official U.S. distributor of the Qualoupe LIMS. This modern solution has raised the bar for LIMS usability and is the best LIMS available for scientific manufacturing.
  • Blog - Lab-Ally - Lab-Ally's blog highlights developments in informatics, specimen procurement, compliance regulations, and other topics pertinent to scientific research.
  • Lab-Ally Scientific Software and Biomedical Research - Lab-Ally LLC sits at the nexus of science, data management & collaboration. We provide compliant ELN / LIMS solutions & biomedical research services.

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    The Rock is great - looks better than ever. I guess I'm a bit of a purist though. They took a few too many liberties with the story of Hercules. I'm afraid there are many people - who don't read the classics, or don't read at all -- that will be taking this for the real story. It is a BIT more believable from a modern-human standpoint, but we can't change the old stories just because we feel like they need to be changed to match the times. That's not why they survived all these many years. But that is Hollywood, I suppose. They've done the same with Noah, and Lincoln, and whomever catches their fancy on a particular day. I just wish they would be a bit more up front with a statement about "this is fiction/fantasy BASED on the story of x." I have actually talked to people who take a lot of these movies for true. But back to Hercules - it's pretty good.. enjoyable. Pretty people abound. Lots of fights for those who like that.