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Fibroids Miracle™ - Treat Uterine Fibroids Naturally - A Unique 3 Step System to Beating Uterine Fibroids the Natural Way Using Holistic Medicine

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City: -78.9019 North Carolina, United States

  • Kathi R - Waste of money

    Waste of money , any over the counter product is as good as these products . Shame on you , Christie !

  • andrea - Just not true

    It doesn't work ! First I thought that I was doing something wrong but this is the second time I try it, and definitely doesn't work...

  • Tee1029 - Action and mayhem with a side of sizzling hot romance

    Critical Intelligence is book number 2 in Mandy Roth's Immortal Ops shifter series. Geoffroi "Roi" Majors is second in command of an elite squad of supernatural shifters tasked with capturing supernatural bad guys. He lives to hunt the enemy, protect his friends and find as many willing women as he can. His life is just fine the way it is. He is definitely not looking for a mate. So when he meets and is forced to work with the annoyingly frustrating friend of his captains mate, he is eager to be done with her. If only it were that easy.

  • smarty - Cool, but not all inclusive

    I bought this book because I participated in an event that was made a Guinness World Record in December 2010. I checked their website, and the event had been recognized, so I bought the book thinking it would be a cool thing to have. Unfortunately, my event didn't seem important to the editors and was no where to be found. The layout of the book made it very hard to determine this at first, but then I read every single word on every page and saw that it wasn't there. There are a lot of cool things in the book, but if I had known my event wasn't included, I would not have bought it...

  • autumnlakes - autumnlakes

    I have used this apricot scrub since it was first introduced and I was given a free sample at a mall over 26 yrs ago. I'm sad to say they recently changed the scent of the product and the new scent is aweful. They didn't label the new scent on the bottle and so I had no warning and used it. It took forever to get the stink off me. What a horrible mistake St. Ives has made. I went searching for the old stuff on ebay and one person had both kinds. They told me the old stuff smelled nice and the new stuff made them gag.. I think that about sums up this product. If you agree, please leave a review here. Maybe the dummies at St. Ives will get a clue after they loose their market share and read all these negative reviews. I want my old favorite product back!!!

  • Smithmed1 - Awesome PCCN review study guide!

    This book is awesome. It is the PCCN review study guide. It has study questions and tests along with information that is good for the test. I gave this to my friend as he has been a nurse for many years and I am a need nurse. You have to be a nurse for 2 years before you can sit for this exam so it is too early for me :-(

  • K. Conroy - Pricey but worth it

    My newborn did not like the traditional swing. My nanny had suggested i get a mamaroo. I had never heard of it. It totally mimics the mothers movements that you do to calm a crying baby. There are 5 different settings and if one doesn't calm her, i try another one. There is one on it that aways works. It is a bit pricey but worth every penny. My newborn loves it.