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  • M. Paulson - Best ones yet!

    I love wireless headphones but the ones I tried either fell off easily or the battery life was too short. Also one only connected with Chinese commands. I tried some sports buds but fell off when I did even minor exercises. Then I found SENSO ActiBuds and found that they were everything they say. They stay on your ears, get as loud as you want, and the battery life last all day or night of continuous use. They quickly re-charge in a few hours. I am so happy with them I am ordering another pair for my wife!

  • Amazon Customer - Ok, but not great

    Some of the stories were interesting. All were unusual which evidently was a criteria. To my surprise I liked the one about running with the Bulls of Pamplona. I thought the one about going to dentists in France was strange.

  • Phil O - His worst album yet

    Oh dear. I like Michael Buble, I really like him. He has been a refreshing breath of life on the music scene for the past 14 years.