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  • Randall A. Robinson - Lucas works, Motor Purr works faster

    I used Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak in the '94 Jeep Cherokee I had a few years ago. Over a few weeks, it gradually stopped the leak. Years earlier, I had a '78 Ford Fairmont with power rack & pinion with a leak that brought an estimate of $600 for a rack overhaul. I bought a bottle of Motor Purr power steering stop leak and it stopped the leak in a few days with no adverse side effects and the leak stayed stopped until I sold the car a long while later. Both the Lucas and Motor Purr fluids are thick and red. I don't know if the ingredients are the same for the two. Both are good products, but I'd give Lucas four stars and Motor Purr five stars. This is because Motor Purr acted more quickly.

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    This was required for my pharm class, when I got it, I was amazed how poorly made it was; the font does not look good and if you erase the card the ink comes off! I could have created a much better design, and made it look so much better.

  • Amazon Customer - I like the product

    I like the product, the way it sounds and design. At first it was easy to connect to my phone (Iphone 6s plus)

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  • Arthur - Amazon was great. The notebook arrived when they said it would

    Amazon was great. The notebook arrived when they said it would, with no apparent damage. The notebook fired right up and, after getting rid of all the adware and unwanted programs, works as it should. Be aware that the memory cannot be upgraded as it is soldered into the motherboard. I should have researched this more thoroughly. Other than that I am satisfied with my new pc.

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    This is an Awesome album. I just bought it a couple of hours ago and I've already listened to the album several times. I can't believe I got the album for 3.99. Quite a steal. Like the tracks "John Wayne," "A-yo" and "Perfect Illusion" quite a lot. I'm pretty sure the other tracks will grow on me too.