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  • patricia_grace - Good low impact workout

    Great for someone just starting a fitness program. You can increase your heart rate by varying your speed and following the suggested exercises included in the product booklet. I have never used any exercise equipment for as long as I've used this one. (One draw back: after a bit of exercising, my feet feel as though they are going slightly numb, or "going to sleep". This is probably owing to poor circulation in my legs, but thought it was worth a mention).

  • Brad - Beautiful new Birthday Barbie - LOVE the headband!

    My daughter loves Barbie and gets the Birthday barbie every year for her birthday. We both LOVE this one. I really like the changeup in hairstyle with the headband. The dress is beautiful too. This might be my favorite birthday Barbie she has to date! Great collectable, or great for playing too! The only challenge if this doll is intended for play is that most of these collector dolls (this one included) have one arm permanently bent so changing clothes can be tricky. But it is so beautiful and we have enough Barbies that these special dolls rarely get undressed at my house!

  • Nancy Hensley - Just OK

    This is just OK. I'm a little disappointed that it did not hold a shine very long. It seems the engine heat affected the finish. I won't buy more.

  • Bianca Diaz - GREAT PRODUCT

    I used this stuff for my tattoo under my boobs. I put a thick layer on an hour/ an hour and a half before and covered it with cling wrap. I made sure to put the product beyond where the tattoo would go just for good measure. It worked wonders! Half the time the only thing I felt was the vibration of the tattoo gun. Definitely would recommend to everyone

  • John Fuller - My new favorite

    Delicious, love love the taste, was so disappointed white grape is not available anymore tried blue raspberry yuck never again, bompop was good but couldn't see myself drinking it everyday tried this and it's the best yet. And I hit PR's already.

  • JumpnJill - Not a cure, but helps prevent reinfection

    Everyone who battles toe nail fungus knows that once you are rid of it, you are often not really rid of it. For example, nail polish aggravates the condition big-time. However, if you use Kerasal every day and use nail polish only for short periods at a time, you can keep the condition pretty much under control. Don't expect this product to cure a bad infection. You will need to see a podiatrist for prescription strength-products for that.

  • Collin T Fagan - New book, but online code was invalid!

    As others have stated, code that came with our "new" book did not work. So now I'm out the cost from here as well as having to buy a new code directly from Pearson. So much for any savings!