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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Cherylann Chance - will not buy again

    There was no change in anything. Honestly don't know if it worked. I guess I have to fool myself into believing it worked.

  • K. Barbalace - Simple to use, seems to be reasonably accurate and inexpensive.

    I bought these primarily to figure out what the humidity levels were in our house to see if we needed a humidifier. The two I bought already paid for them selves by proving that our humidity levels are just fine. I originally ordered just two, but am ordering two more so that I can use the temperature function to figure out where the hot and cold spots are in our house to balance out our heat system we live in a ranch with one zone and our only way to adjust the heating balance in our house is to adjust individual baseboards by covering sections of radiator fins with aluminum foil or closing the baseboard shutter.

  • Amazon Customer - Very nice

    Husband loves this spreader. He had another brand and says this one is superior to this original. Nice helpful product

  • Michael Stanley - The quick start notes allowed me to set up the tool and start cutting perfect holes in a matter of minutes

    I have always cut remodel lighting in by hand. After using the EZ Hole Professional Saw kit on a job requiring 20 5 1/2" holes, I immediately realized I have been doing it the hard and messy way for 30 years. The quick start notes allowed me to set up the tool and start cutting perfect holes in a matter of minutes. All without having to protect the customers space from flying drywall dust.

  • MeSinDee - ❤️ Grey's Anatomy

    This is my favorite TV show's not my favorite season; but it's a much better watch than some of those other shows out there. I'll continue to watch the chaos that transpires within the hospital and in the characters' lives until Ms. Rhimes discontinues the series.

  • Dave F. - let me play with all of what I purchased!

    okay, it's a pretty neat toy with some amazing potential. be prepared though, you have to earn sparks and trinkets to unlock tricks called apps. It is pretty tedious, though I can see the reason for the fun game play to prolong the use time. I would prefer at this price point a way to just open everything so I can play with what I purchased. yes I am into instant gratification. I am 50 years old and just want to have fun with my purchase and show my buddies what I bought. no go! I have played the games (since you have to in order to do anything!) but they get tedious quick. it seems to want a very well lit room to work right and did not like the dining room table with the very average lighting. in the kitchen it seemed to work to recognize me.

  • avirtualcfo - Updated 7/4/2016-Amazon Video Support for this 2016 Model

    Amazon Video is not supported for this 2016 model TV according to Amazon customer service. We are unable to even get to an Amazon sign in screen and have spent 2 hours on the phone with both Samsung and Amazon each stating it is not their issue. After discussing with Samsung and performing factory resets I was directed to call Amazon because it was a software issue. When calling Amazon, the customer service rep said they were unable to authorize a new download of the app to the TV and I had to talk to Samsung because the 2016 model was not a supported model. After expressing my displeasure, the condescending comment I received was "Are you finished talking?" and "There is nothing further we can do for you". Wow.