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IWERMEKTYNA - Lek na świerzb tabletki Pomoc dla chorych - Iwermektyna, ivermectin, stromectol - środek lek na świerzb. Wszystko o tym lekarstwie w tabletkach. Mity i fakty. Chcemy aby był dostępny w Polsce. Tak dla IWERMEKTYNY.

Country:, Europe, PL

City: 21.0362 , Poland

  • osan - Looks good so far

    Initial impression is that this is a very well made little camera. The quality of construction is impressive considering the low price and the 2 inch screen gives a bright image. The menu listing is clear and easy to navigate using the top, front and side buttons.

  • Aztlan - Don't buy it! It's a waste of time.

    I must admit I purchased two of these EasyCap thinking maybe I could make them work. I installed it on System 7 does NOT work like they say BUT it did not work on my Windows XP either so I was sure it would work on my windows vista old computer which I would dedicate to just monitor the cameras. There it worked for 1 day as a camera monitor, I could see all 4 cameras and very dark views. The cameras looked much better before just being plugged to the TV AV input. The easycap never recorded anything and the day after it would not work. I tried both EasyCaps and none worked so I returned both. If you don't want to waste time like me DON'T BUY IT, get something else.

  • Levi Hay - My head is BLOWN away by performance.

    Had a 95 Camry 4-Cylinder that was ran dry due to a cracked radiator. This in turn caused an excessive amount of coolant to end up in the oil thanks to a leaky (blown?) head gasket. On a whim, I decided to try this out just for the sake of it, and was extremely impressed by the overall performance. Fixed the steam out of my tailpipe, coolant in the valve cover, and the extremely rough idle that required brake+gas when at a stop.