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  • Tanya Collins - Works!

    This sucker works. I had to start with a lower dosage at first, so the effects took about 5 days to start. But once they did, boy they did. I went from a normal bathroom stop of 1-2 times a day to 4-5 times a day. After two weeks, I felt more energy and and an overall 'lighter' feeling. I am sure it's because most of the icky gunk was gone. Will do this again next year.

  • papa54 - not very friendly if trying to play a guitar with Magix Music Maker

    the produt is OK but lacks some things that i think are outta order for example cant save as mp3, someone said the sounds are copy righted. if so its a sorry program as the sounds are mostly scales which were used long before there was a Music Maker. no way to import my own sounds easily, some might say its user friendly but i say its user friendly untill you decide to use it. its a very Complex User Program. some sounds , drum sounds cant be edited as in the drum sets . they are what they are and thats it. but maybe after i keep trying to use the program perhaps it will become more understandable. also there needs to be a book sent with it rather than going to help, which covers the Page on screen.. all in all , I'd buy it again

  • Cinci Lin - Works for me, money well spent

    I am just now finishing up the last bottle of Rogaine in my first three-month supply and came back to purchase another three months'. Rogaine works for me. As an Asian American, I have thick, coarse black hair. At least I will again. I'm in my mid 40s and noticed my hairline was thinning, also saw too much hair was in the shower drain every morning. After using Rogaine for 6 or 7 weeks, I noticed the amount of hair in the drain was a fraction of what it used to be, plus lots of new growth along my hairline! Under a harsh overhead bathroom light, I no longer notice 'scalp' just above my bangs, just 'hair'. My bangs are fuller and the hair on the crown of my head seems thicker. Also worth mentioning: the new growth is my natural dark hair color, not the grays that are popping up all over the rest of my head. My husband was so impressed with my Rogaine results that he's purchased the Rogaine Men's foam for himself!

  • A.Ce - These shoes are lightweight and very comfortable. I can wear them for hours at a ...

    Living in NYC I walk everywhere. These shoes are lightweight and very comfortable. I can wear them for hours at a time and have done 6+miles at a time in them. Also, light enough to keep in my bag when I need to quick change into something more comfortable.