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  • Lauren E. Crown - Didn't even mind of work. I fot suoer excited ...

    Didn't even mind of work. I fot suoer excited when I could feel my feet getting all tingly, and then after almost an hour and half of the stuff on and had followed the directions, didn't even take the edge off.

  • kyle and carolann - Excellent computer with the appropriate expectations

    If your primary need for a computer is surfing the internet, you want a keyboard, and you don't need (for example) the Microsoft Office suite, this is a fantastic alternative to the traditional PC. My wife needed a replacement for our ancient Macbook, and it seemed like a good way to avoid spending $1,200 on a new one, since she pretty much had only the aforementioned needs. After several months with it I have a couple of thoughts:

  • B Leyden - Poor Whites Now Like Poor Blacks

    Once upon a time in America, the elites lived side-by-side with the lower classes: they lived together close enough that they could belong to the same churches and clubs, or if they didn't they knew people who did; they all - rich and poor - shared pretty much the same ethical standards and they all had pretty much the same attitudes towards marriage, religion and values; and the elites went out of their way not to be ostentatious, but to be helpful to the less fortunate. Lower class whites, living in enclaves which he designates as "Fishtown" (an actual community near Philadelphia) liked their communities, identified with them and were honest and helpful to residents in them; these Fishtowns, in short, were communities with real political capital in the Fukuyama/Robert Putnam sense.

  • Toddy Counts - Bye bye bags

    I have begin to really love Bae products. I have enjoyed everything that I have gotten by them! And so far this is no exeption! I have been using it for about a week and to say the least I have had a rough week....the eye bags are unreal. So this product has come in handy and my co worker even noticed a difference from when I wasn't using it to now (kind of sad HA) Either way this product made my bad week a little better at least I didnt look like i had a bad week! I love the easy pump on this bottle as well. And hyaluronic acid is a girls best friend.