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Institute For Research, Development & Innovation - IMU's Institute of Research, Development & Innovation(IRDI) has four major thrust areas of research: environmental and population health, bioactive molecules and drug discovery, cancer and stem cell research, and health professional education research. In tandem with the development in research activities, IRDI aims to engage with industrial partners in relevant areas to strengthen our research programme and to look into the potential of providing consultancies, specialised testing services, and joint research.

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  • Amazon Customer - Great for everyone!

    I love using Stone Crop during the initial cleanse during a facial (I am an Esthetician). It has something for everyone. It is a great well-rounded cleanser. It has antibacterial properties for those of us who are acne prone; hydrating properties for the dry skinned folks; lightening properties for hyperpigmentation (sun spots, etc.); and great ingredients for those concerned with aging skin, as well as sensitive skin. No matter your skin type its a great cleanser. I highly recommend it for morning cleansing, it isn't harsh and the smell is so clean its a nice scent to wake up to!

  • M. Sheriar - I love my Cutco knives!!

    I love these knives ... and I was so excited to see a History Channel show with my son about "The Worlds Sharpest Cutting Tools" (or something like that - can't remember the exact title) where they showcased Cutco knives as among the sharpest in the world! They went into depth about the manufacturing process and the blade design and it was pretty interesting! They put them up there with Samurai swords. Cool.

  • Bernie - Worked perfect and great quality

    Worked perfect and great quality. I couldn't read most of the box and manual because it wasn't in English, but I know what I'm doing anyway. I plugged it in, formatted it and installed Windows 10 on it, no problems at all.

  • Gerald W. Mcbride - Everyone in our nation should read this book. Our nation has been stolen right out from under us.

    This fantastic book clearly explains how our nation has been hijacked by the hyper rich and large corporations. It explains through quotations and historical facts how the early founders intended out country to be "by the people, for the people". It explains how the super rich and mega corporations have stolen our once-democratic country right out from under us. Helping them is a Supreme Court that has grossly exceeded its constitutional authority - setting themselves up as monarchs - overriding the Executive and Legislative branches by fiat.

  • Joseph A. Vazquez - A good product

    I like this mouth wash alot. It is gentle, refreshing and really does cut morning breath. Unfortunately it does not get rid of tonsil stones but it does seem to reduce the rate at which they form. A very good product. If you like super minty mouth wash this isnt for you. It is a very mild mint taste but I love it now and I feel more confident that my breath is better