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Eye, Glaucoma, Laser & Cataract Surgery | Ophthalmology Videos & Glaucoma Lectures | Patient Eye Education | Optical Coherence Tomography | Corneal Transplant - An online web-based teaching site established for Patient Eye Education & to deliver video lectures on a wide range of ophthalmic conditions as well as on Eye, Glaucoma, Laser, Cataract Surgery, Optical Coherence Tomography & much more.

  • Consultant Survival Skills | Phacoemulsification, Keratoconus, Dry Eye - Consultant Survival Skills Videos & Lectures. Learn about different dry Eye diseases and treatments through videos on Phacoemulsification, Keratoconus & more.
  • Cataract Surgery | White Cataract | Videos & Lectures - Keep visiting us for information about Cataract Surgery, White Cataract & more. Videos & Lectures are available for visitors to understand it completely.
  • Optical Coherence Tomography | Ophthalmology Videos & Lectures - Videos & Lectures on Optical Coherence Tomography. IOP is an online portal that provides videos & lectures on Eye Diseases, Surgeries, Neuro Ophthalmology…
  • Ocular Anaesthesia | Ocular Surface Disease | Laser Eye Surgery - An Online platform to learn about Ocular Anaesthesia, Ocular Surface Disease, Eye Surgeries & treatments through videos & lectures.
  • Contact us | Ophthalmology Videos | Glaucoma Treatment & Lectures | IOP - Contact International Ophthalmology Portal if you have any question in your mind or want to know more about us. You can call us at: (617) 3831 6888
  • SUBSCRIBE NOW | International Ophthalmology Portal - If you wish to subscribe, chose a video from the library and click the green button (12 month subscription) or blue button (individual video to watch indefinitely). Some videos will be provided free viewing (for a limited time only!).
  • Cataract Consent Part 2 - The cataract consent process is a critical part of patient surgical management.  A comprehensive informed consent prepares the patient for the surgery and enables the best outcome for the procedure.
  • Graham Lee | International Ophthalmology Portal - Associate Professor Graham Lee is from Brisbane, Australia.  He completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in 1991, a Master of Medical Science in Ophthalmology in 1994, Fellowship of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmology in 1999 and a Doctorate of Medicine in 200
  • Cataract Consent Part 1 - The cataract consent process is a critical part of patient surgical management.  A comprehensive informed consent prepares the patient for the surgery and enables the best outcome for the procedure
  • Lauren Herring | International Ophthalmology Portal - Lauren graduated from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2011 with First Class Honours. She has worked in private general and specialty optometrist practices in Brisbane and has recently started as a clinical optometrist at City Eye Centre in Brisbane.
  • Malignant Glaucoma Part 2 | International Ophthalmology Portal - Malignant glaucoma or aqueous misdirection syndrome is one of the feared complications of any type of intraocular surgery. It is poorly understood and hence often misdiagnosed, resulting in adverse outcomes for our patients. This video describes key existing and new concepts to aid the understanding of malignant glaucoma and improve the management of this otherwise rapidly blinding condition.

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  • Steve2174 - I always wanted to read this book. Except there ...

    I always wanted to read this book. Except there is an issue: this is the 1987 edition and not the 2001 edition. I will still rate it five stars, however. This is because it has a generous amount of information and is still quite invaluable to me. I will cherish it. Kudos and thanks.

  • kes601 - Great Bag

    Took this on a recent trip to St. Croix and wow, it holds a lot of stuff. I couldn't believe the amount of clothing, etc. this fit in it and it fits EASILY into the overhead compartment as carry on. Highly recommended. My only "complaint" is not really a complaint. I was able to pack so much in it (without overstuffing it) that it was a little heavy carrying as a backpack.

  • Product Junkie - I look better

    I got this product and truly loved it. My skin felt softer and looked younger (to me). If you are looking for a good retinol cream, you should give this one a try. It is so far my favorite. I received this product at a promotional discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All my reviews are real, and the opinions stated are all my own. I do not get compensated for leaving 5 star reviews. If you look at my Amazon Profile, you will see that I buy a lot of items on Amazon and leave a lot of reviews, not all 5 star. Only exceptional products with exceptional ingredients/or qualities get this rating. Below I have posted what my ratings mean. Like you, I depend heavily on product reviews from real customers before purchasing so I try to give the most honest review I can in hopes that it helps others to make a good decision about a product before buying. If you have found my review helpful, please let me know by clicking on YES below. If there is a way I can improve my reviews, I appreciate all feedback. I do enjoy leaving reviews and try to be as honest and provide feedback based on what I would want to know about the product.

  • James Orton - Review avast

    I was referred to avast by company who assembled my computer. I followed their recommendations, however I find your service confusing. You seem to always be asking more services for which you need more $$. Not sure I got what I need to secure my computer.

  • Emily Hultman - Image quality we awesome but we had problems with the app not keeping ...

    This is the 3rd baby monitor we were trying. Image quality we awesome but we had problems with the app not keeping a constant stream. We would wake up and the time on the monitor was hours behind and the screen was not current.