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Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Doctors: Inhale MD - Our doctors help patients seeking medical marijuana cards for use in conjunction with legal cannabis dispensaries across the State of Massachusetts.

  • About Inhale MD Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Doctor - Massachusetts medical marijuana Doctor Tishler is a Harvard physician aimed at caring for your medical cannabis treatment. Serving Boston and Cambridge.
  • Testimonials: Inhale MD Medical Marijuana Doctor - Massachusetts medical cannabis Doctor Tishler is a Harvard physician determined to care for your medical marijuana treatment in Boston and Cambridge.
  • How to get Certified for Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts - Doctor Tishler explains if your condition qualifies for medical cannabis in Massachusetts and how to get certified (a card). Serving Boston and Cambridge.
  • Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Forms: Inhale MD - Here you will find forms for Doctor Jordan Tishler's medical marijuana practice, including a pre-visit questionnaire and a medical records request.
  • Consultation Pricing; Inhale MD Medical Marijuana Doctor - Dr. Jordan Tishler provides medical cannabis certification and consulting in Massachusetts. Click here to get started.
  • Massachussetts Medical Marijuana Blog: Inhale MD - Dr. Tishler is a Harvard educated doctor dedicated to helping treat patient's suffering through the use of medical marijuana. Serving Bostons and Cambridge.
  • Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Guide: Inhale MD - Medical marijuana can treat symptoms of conditions like glaucoma, cancer, MS, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. Is prescription cannabis right for you?
  • Medical Marijuana Videos - InhaleMD - Dr. Jordan Tishler has been featured in a various media, including conferences to discuss the benefits of medical marijuana.
  • Contact - Inhale MD - Call Dr. Tishler at (617) 477-8886 to discuss whether medical Cannabis could be right for you.
  • What Are the Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana? - Inhale MD - Medical marijuana can help patients manage the symptoms of cancer, anxiety, ALS, arthritis, and more. How do Cannabinoids like THC affect pain and mood?
  • How to Register for a Medical Marijuana Card in Massachusetts - All Massachusetts Cannabis patients are required to re-register every year. If you have questions about your marijuana card, please call at (617) 477-8886.
  • How to Talk to Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana: Inhale MD - This patient checklist includes key questions you should ask your doctor about using medical marijuana, and explains how your legal rights are protected.
  • Which Patients Qualify for Medical Marijuana Use in MA? - What are the patient eligibility requirements for getting a Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card? Which conditions qualify for certification for Cannabis?
  • Your Legal Rights as a Medical Marijuana Patient - Inhale MD - Multiple studies have shown that medical marijuana is a safe effective method for treating a variety of illnesses.
  • How Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Work - InhaleMD - Due to the controversial nature of marijuana, the role of the medical marijuana dispensary is poorly understood, and frequently misrepresented in the media.
  • Studies on Medical Marijuana and Illness, Part 2 - InhaleMD - This part of the series will focus on how medical marijuana can help patients with chronic nausea caused by HIV/AIDS and chemotherapy treatments for cancer.
  • The Cost of Medical Marijuana - Inhale MD - If you’re worried about how you’ll pay for your medical Cannabis as a patient, you may qualify for discounts by proving that your financial hardship.
  • About Medical Marijuana: Inhale MD - Things you should know about Medical Cannabis treatment. Inhale MD is your Massachusetts Medical Cannabis consultant. Serving Boston and Cambridge.
  • Greenflower Online Course for Treating Depression with Medical Marijuana - Consult with a medial marijuana doctor in Massachusetts to see if your condition qualifies you to be a registered cannabis patient. Call 617-477-8886.

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