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  • Msyk - Just another review from a random gamer.

    I bought this mouse after having heard that it was built with a single notion in mind: performance. No batch of 16 buttons with macros, no ridiculous RGB LED lightings, no overly-complex driver/software attached to it, nothing. Just an incredible level of accuracy, and no latency between the input and the movement.

  • Love Amazon - REVISED REVIEW, NOT SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

    I want you all to know, just because it has dual sim cards, does not mean you have to have two. I called my provider, StraightTalk and they told me I could NOT use this phone. But they were WRONG!!! I ordered a new sim card, and transferred it to this phone, and have great service!!! I was going to return the phone, and I was upset to have to send it back. Now I don't need to return it!! It works PERFECTLY!!!

  • Sondra Butler - Checkbook registers, just what I was looking for!!

    These are identical to the check registers they send me too few of when I order checks. I was happy to find them. I would definitely order these again to have extras on hand.

  • Mahdi - sports like Game

    this game was a hit with the girls in the house, according to them it was fun and energatic. it offers alot of dance ranges and music options and is a good excersieze.

  • Kendall Albert - I loved this DVD

    As a lifelong Cleveland Cavaliers' fan, I loved this DVD! It gives a synopsis of the Cavs championship season from beginning to end, touching on the regular season and all rounds of the 2016 playoffs. It has a wonderful collection of season highlights and interviews with the players. The only thing that would make this better is if they had included a little more coverage of the celebration in Cleveland with the parade, etc.

  • Terri - Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2013 US Edition Review

    I like this product and have used it for 8 years now at the company I work for. It was delivered in the time that was promised and installed easily. Only disappointment was that I don't have the 1 year of service assistance that the pre-purchase write up promised came with it - rather 30 days came with it - huge disappointment.

  • Renee - So First Let Me Say Great Book Boo You Did It Again Now I'm So ...

    So First Let Me Say Great Book Boo You Did It Again Now I'm So Happy That juvie Let Tesh Off Kole That Bitch Had It Coming & I Love How Lano Is He Just So Layed Back I Love Him Love Great Book I Love The Baby Shower Part Made Me Cry Glad Sol Got It Together Over All Great Book Must Read I'm Miss Them Really Sad To See Them Go Oh And I Love How u had my Girl Make The CupCakes To Lol