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  • Janet Jackson - AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Marcellus B. Lima - Great even for singles

    If you are a heterosexual male, you should definitely read this book. If you're single, it will help you to decide whether or not you should keep your status (no judgment here... whatever works for you). If you are already married, it will dwindle the possibilities of being divorced-raped. Either way you win. If you need be convinced (and being skeptical usually is a good thing), just google "Athol Kay" to find his website. The book is a digest of his best moments, with pearls of wisdom such as "The more you care about what women think of you as a romantic partner, the less they think of you as a romantic partner".

  • Lando - More Consistent Sleep

    Was pretty skeptical about this (and still am). However, I will say that after a month of using this my sleep got more consistent. I used to wake up at toss and turn a lot until I got this thing. It wasn't like a magic pill to where you fall asleep right away and wake up feeling like superman. I did however feel better when I woke up and stayed asleep longer. I chalked it up to maybe it being the placebo effect, but feel that after a month it seemed pretty legit. I did perform a test and stopped using it for 2 weeks after the first month and found that I tossed and turned more. My sleep dramatically improved when I started taking magnesium before bed and sleeping on this.

  • Pacemaker - Just buy it

    It's the best and if there is anything I can say about it I would say it's excellent. Just a cap full off solution needed for my tank and the fish staying healthy with shiny slime coat. If you used many solutions before and if you used this then you would notice it during your firs trial.

  • Albert Perreault - Not too bad for the cash outlay

    I bought the Mr. Beer Kit this spring and have not been disappointed with it at all. The ingredients that arrived with the kit were a can of West Coast Pale ale along with one step sanitizer, a package of booster and the brewing yeast packed beneath the lid of the West Coast Pale Ale extract. The kit also included plastic bottles, brew keg and lid, spigot, bottle caps, instructions -- everything you need for that first batch. I would suggest that you leave the beer in the keg for at least 10 days and in the bottle for 2 weeks before consuming. I was impatient the first time and followed their suggestion and tried the beer after one week in the keg and one more week in the bottle -- NOT A GOOD IDEA! The beer WAS fruity tasting - almost like a fizzy cider. Taste did improve after I left the remaining alone for another week or 2. Be patient: the end product is much more carbonated and tastier if you let it ferment a week longer and let it sit in the bottle for at least 2 weeks -- cool it in the fridge for a couple more weeks, too, if you can wait that long. I liked the results so much that I joined the brew club and have ingredients shipped (free shipping for club members) every 3 months. I've brewed their Canadian Draft with a Pale Export unhopped malt extract twice, St. Patrick's Irish Stout with Mellow Amber unhopped malt extract, and a Weisenbier with the included booster pack and an added 15 ounce can of apricots in light syrup (from the local supermarket). Each batch resulted in an excellent, good tasting brew. I like the end result so much that I prefer my home brew to store bought. When and if you decide to purchase this kit make sure to follow directions, sanitize everything that comes in contact with your wort, and be patient and let the beer ferment and condition for a bit longer than Mr. Beer recommends. You will not be disappointed. I like this kit because it produces a nice, drinkable brew in a manageable quantity. If you're thinking of trying home brewing this is the kit for you -- its a good starting point, and you can always upgrade to an extra brew keg!