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  • Page Turner - This perfect. It does actually self heal

    This perfect. It does actually self heal. The cuts close up. It helps me cut straight fabric lines as well. I love gadgets associated with my hobbies. Some are keepers and some soon find the trash. This one is a keeper.

  • John Babb - Installation Disaster

    I have used Quicken for 16 years and I have upgraded faithfully each of those years. This version is the worst. It says I have insufficient resources, which is light years from accurate. I called the support line three times and spent a total of 2 1/2 hours on hold and was cut off each time. I then went for a chat session. I humored the script-reader from India through a grueling course of attempts to fix it. After all his/her instructions failed, the next step was to turn the case over to the research team. That is when I called a halt to the party and I have now entered an order for a refund. I restored v 2013 and am back up and running. The old computer nerd axiom appears to be true: Avoid even-numbered upgrades.