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  • kflynn - Cheaply made

    Very cheaply manufactured and causing all sorts of blisters. I would avoid and stick with a shoe that you can try on first.

  • A. Swainhart - Kenzo Jungle L Elephant

    One my Fav's. Every time I wear It women want to know what I have on. I have to write it down. Then I tell them where I bought it. Hopefully they'll be enough for me next time I try to buy it on here again! I've loved Jungle L Elephant since it came out! I'm so happy I can find it on!

  • Cathy A. - Nice looking shoes, in this world of blazing shoes, black is the new red.

    The shoes fit, there isn't anything that is wrong about the fit but they still are not very comfortable to wear for any amount of time, the Arch may be a little high or the top of the shoe is not high enough but they are good enough that I will keep them and hope that they break in.

  • Amazon Customer - Actually works with no side effects!

    This stuff is great. No side effects and you do lose weight. I've lost 10 pounds by using this product and I have not gained it back! Best of all, I do not strictly follow a diet plan. I have 1 of the shakes in the morning to maintain my current weight, and then a small lunch, a regular dinner and a snack in the evening. If I want to lose more weight, I will replace my small lunch with a second shake and It works. I can also substitute the shake for a healthy breakfast and I will still maintain my current weight, but I prefer the shake for breakfast as it is quick and easy to make. Best part, I have kept the weight off for a year! Only negative with this product is you have to add some spices to add flavor. I add stevia to sweeten the flavor (I limit sugar and artificial sugar products). I also add nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla. Tastes a little bit like eggnog if you add those ingredients. If I want a chocolate flavored shake, then I only add stevia and Hershey's unsweetened cocoa powder.

  • Kathryn Elderkin - thundervest

    I have a rescue dog that is painfully shy and afraid of ALL noises. She wore this vest for the first few days that I had her and it made all the difference. It calmed her down and she felt more secure, still afraid of noises and newness but not terrified. Used it on my other rescue who dislikes fireworks and he was much calmer also.

  • Allison - This stuff is great but don't follow the instructions!

    A few years ago, I was coming down with a cold and I was wondering what I could take to lessen the effects of it (I typically just get congestion and sore throat with a PND-induced cough). One of my friends recommended I take Airborne (Zesty Orange, of course). I got myself a tube of it and have been using it since! Some people say it does not work and that any effects of it are just a placebo-effect but I can honestly say that my cold symptoms are diminished when I take this stuff along with my decongestant of choice.

  • K. Wuellner - I bought 2 gal

    I probably only needed 1 . It worked beautifully on my vinyl siding and my roof. The siding had mold/mildew and algea on it in a few spots on the north side and behind some shrubs. The roof also had staining on it on the north side. A few days after spraying this on the growth and stains were gone. That was spring 2012. We had a very dry hot summer last year but so far I have not had any regrowth through july 2013. I have NOT reapplied. There is NO discoloration to the siding or shingles.