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  • Alexander - Fits both cans AND bottles!

    This Can Cooler does the job. It fits both cans and bottles like a glove. It’s very heavy duty- I feel like I could take the coozie into battle with a few dozen zombies and walk out alive. The rugged metal looks sharp as well. I tend to drink my beverages very quickly so they usually don’t get very warm, but the drinks I used with the coozie kept plenty cold for me. I mainly use it for cans and I highly enjoy the rubber seal on the top of the cooler that keeps the cold condensation from the can away from my hands. However, when screwing the top of the cooler over a can, if the can is dry, there can be some friction between the can and top that causes a harsh scraping noise. It does not affect the utility of the cooler, but it slightly annoying. The few times that I used the cooler with a bottle, I noticed that it could get slightly top heavy and if you had one too many drinks, could cause a problem with a slip of the hand. However, the bottle, like the can, fit perfectly and kept plenty cold. Overall, I’d give this cooler a 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Coop - No free trial... buyer beware.

    Lifecell sounds amazing, but like many other 'Seen on TV' (or the internet) promotions, you'll get tagged with a $200 investment a soon as you sign up for

  • Beckster - A great alternative to the wheel aboard carry on

    This is a very lightweight, portable option to a wheel aboard carry on. I wish it was an inch or two thicker to be closer to the max carry on size but it serves my purposes well. The first time I used this was on a 12 day trip to Europe where we were taking trains from city to city and I didn't want to be dragging my luggage on the subway. This was my only bag in addition to a small shoulder bag. I fit 6 days worth of clothes in here plus my toiletries and a few miscellaneous items.

  • Scatoma - How can you not love Corey? Dude is brilliant at everything he does ...

    How can you not love Corey? Dude is brilliant at everything he does and this album is no different. BUY IT!!!!

  • Textbooksforless - But I can tell you I have felt great over the past two weeks of taking master brain

    I am typically very skeptical when I buy supplements that say they will "do x, y, and z". But I can tell you I have felt great over the past two weeks of taking master brain. Not only do I feel more alert throughout out the day, but in conjunction with 1st Phorms Night-T, I have slept so unbelievably well, which is a problem I have had for some time time. I highly recommend getting this combo product!

  • sklgg5 - Fun to look through.

    This is a fun book for when you are sitting around with not much to do. Lots of neat and really weird facts.

  • Sophia - Best album so far

    This album allows storing quarters to be visible from both sides, as coins are placed in between two transparent sheets into special cutouts in pages. Great idea! There is space for both P and D quarters.