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Hendricks Co Bail Bonds - (317) 745-7600 Open 24 HoursHendricks Co. Bail Bonds | "The Closest Bail Bond Office to the Hendricks County Court House" - Our company has been providing bail bonds in Danville / Hendricks County for more than 20 years. Owner Kyle Smith is committed to helping families with the highest degree of customer service and confidentiality

  • How Bail Bonds Work - Hendricks Co. Bail BondsHendricks Co. Bail Bonds - A bail bond, also known as a commercial bond, is a process involving an insurance company with assests to satisfy the face value of the bond in the event that the defendant fails to appear in court and the judge has declared the bond forfeited. We guarantee the defendant will appear in court at the designated time and date.
  • Hendricks Co. Bail Bonds - Frequently Asked QuestionsHendricks Co. Bail Bonds - What is a bail bond? A bail bond is a financial assurance made by or on behalf of a criminal defendant that is used to guarantee their appearance in court through the end of their trial upon release from custody. Failure by the defendant to appear will result in a bond forfeiture.
  • Hendricks Co. Bail Bonds - (317) 745-7600 - Helpful LinksHendricks Co. Bail Bonds - Looking for a friend or a loved one? Click the link to below to find current inmate information:Current Hendricks County Inmates
  • Hendricks Co. Bail Bonds (317) 745-7600 - Contact Us!Hendricks Co. Bail Bonds - Hendricks Co. Bail Bonds - 52 West Main StreetDanville, Indiana 46122(317) 745-7600

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