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Harm Reduction Journal | Home page - <p><i>Harm Reduction Journal</i> publishes research focusing on the prevalent patterns of psychoactive drug use, the public policies meant to control them, and the search for effective methods of reducing the adverse medical, public health, and social consequences associated with both drugs and drug policies. We define 'harm reduction' as 'policies and programs which aim to reduce the health, social, and economic costs of legal and illegal psychoactive drug use <i>without necessarily reducing</i> drug consumption'.</p>

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  • Amazon Customer - Perf

    Fits perfectly. Doesn't push off my screen protector. Thought it was an all black wallet case but one of the pockets has a red accent. I like it either way. Very nice

  • Donna Pope - Love it.

    Wow what a carrier it's huge. This is a great quality cargo carrier you will be very happy with this. You have so much room to put what ever you need plus so much more. The zippers are great quality and work outstanding. The cargo carrier is going to be the carrier you love and others will want. We have it for camping with our dirt bike gear and what ever else we need in it. This is now the storage for so many things we have it in the trailer tied down it won't move it's perfect. This is like having a shed in the trailer we put so much in here and have cleaned up the trailer. I love it has taken this mess of things and made it all neat looking. I now tell everyone put it in the storage not on the floor love it. If you need a cargo carrier or a storage place this is the one you want. I received this product for a discount or for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Ella B. - Excellent!!!

    I ordered this treadmill after researching others. I read some negative reviews about how it was difficult to put together, and how the parts was not labeled and that was not the case. My boyfriend put this together in about an hour by himself. All the screws was separated and labeled. I love this treadmill It makes working out during the winter so easy. I would definitely recommend

  • Review Effective - Full Fledged passive VR headset

    There is a slew of games, apps and YouTube videos to view with this headset. Just make sure you have enough memory for Google cardboard app or a phone with a gyrometer. These periphrils will make sure you have the best and emersive vr experiences . (Gyrometer is used in head tracking )

  • CrimsonHail - Kodi and addons are easy to use

    Well constructed and functions as described. Kodi alone is reason enough to purchase but this is a fully-functioning minicomputer. Kodi and addons are easy to use, enable or download but could be challenging for non-tech oriented users - not as plug and play as implied, slight learning curve, youtube is a great resource. Makes a great addition to my media-centric home network. By enabling hotspot tethering, has even delayed my decision to upgrade my wi-fi router which is suffering from frequent signal dropout.

  • S. Frazzini - Add something to improve taste

    I mix mine with Amazing Grass Chocolate flavored Superfood, add a touch of STEVIA sweetener and use unsweetened Almond milk, then mix in a Blender Bottle. I love the taste and while there is a bit of graininess with any protein powder, I have found I can replace two meals a day with this blend and have lost 50lbs in about 3 months.

  • antestor - It feels like you've been mildly poisoned

    The taste is so bad. And do not let it come in contact with your skin. The peppermint burn will last for at least 30 minutes. I diluted mine as the instructions say to do, and my lips and mouth were burning. Afterwards, I thought I was going to vomit for about 2 or so hours. I guess they can claim it will help you lose weight because you are so concentrated on keeping it down that you are afraid to eat anything.