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  • zachswifey - Waste of a lot of money!

    I did a lot of research, as most do, when spending this much on a stroller for my toddler and new baby. I was very excited when we got this stroller because of all that it promises. Unfortunately i could not be more disappointed. This stroller is the worst $700 i have ever spent but now i am stuck with it and i hate it more every time i have to use it. I wish so bad that i would have went with a BOB double or a phil and teds. As others have noted it is NOT equipped to handle 2 children. Honestly i do not even know that it is good for one child. When just my toddler rides in the top if he leans at all in one direction the stroller pulls really hard in that direction. My husband is the jogger and he refuses to jog with this stroller. He said it is more of a pain than it is worth and would rather use a regular/non-jogging stroller than this one. When a taller child rides in the bottom of the stroller the sun shade is constantly in his or her face. I do not mean a really tall or above average height toddler. I mean a average height 2 year old. We were not concerned with how small the stroller folds down since we have a large SUV. However this stroller is so HEAVY and awkward to try to pick up and get out of my SUV. Being a mom i want to be able to do this by myself. It is possible but i look like a fool getting my butt kicked by a stroller. I would not recommend this stroller to anyone for any purpose in mind.

  • Buttercup - Highly Recommend Scott Pratt Books

    Scott Pratt is one of my new favorite authors! I do not know why he is not constantly on the Best Sellers list! I have read the entire Joe Dillard series and am 3/4 of the way through with JUSTICE REDEEMED. All of his books are so great, I have a really hard time putting them down! The problem with this is then I have to wait for more of his books to come out... and I am not a patient His characters are likeable and you find yourself immersed into the story so much that you can actually picture everything that is going on. The courtroom drama is fantastic and Mr. Pratt weaves it into the story along with the personal lives of the characters. His books are super easy to follow and understand. So glad I found this author by searching on Amazon for a new series. Just fantastic!

  • Amazon Customer - Anazing!

    This brush is amazing! We just got ours in the mail today. I brushed a huge pile of hair off my dog. She loved it and her coat feels very soft. She's a corgi, so he hair is medium/long. I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about buying it. It's worth every penny.

  • JayeemMuggs - Cole Under Pressure.

    Finally The closest J.Cole well get since the Warm up. This whole album was definitely a return to his roots and he did not disappoint.