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  • hector - go natural, workout, low carbs, and water

    The stuff is expensive. It reminds me of herbalife. The fact that this is a multi livel marketing makes me think twice about this product. I bought it, but i will not recomend it.

  • Amazon Customer - ... were not as big as I expected I was disappointed in the glasses still contemplating sending them back

    The size of the lenses were not as big as I expected I was disappointed in the glasses still contemplating sending them back. I don't like the color of the lenses I expected them to be darker. Not at all what I expected.

  • James E - Great Bluetooth headset

    I got to use Bluetooth headphones as backups, butt I'm just might use them as my primary headphones because they work so well. Clear audio and the microphone seems to work pretty well. My only gripe with these and with any other of this type, is the band that wraps around the neck comma this can get in the way during a workout. But if you're just planning on using them for making phone calls or some light work, these will be perfect.

  • Anonymous - Not on my baby

    I used to love this product, but so disappointed in Burts Bees for using "fragrance (parfum)" in their products. If the company wants to be all natural and get my support, then do it 100% and be transparent about it. Until then I take my vote and money to something like Honest Company.

  • H Maven - Can't live without my Swiffer

    Can't live without my Swiffer, have two cats and open windows. I use it every day. Although I use the dry wipes, I don't use the wet wipes. Instead, when I need to wash the floor, I put a clean rag on the Sweeper spray a window cleaner or all purpose cleaner on the floor and use the rag to wipe it up. Of course you'll need to change the rag and wash it which you don't have to do with the wet wipes. But when doing a comparison, I found when I went over the floor that I had just used a wet wipe on, it was still dirty. A rag, usually an old towel works much better.

  • Hammerhead - Another home run!!!!

    Bought this book from Tom Horn's web site Fantastic book on the occult, Christianity and the modern direction on where we are headed. Tom's books are research at its best and this one does not disappoint. Tom has a knack for writing books that are so needed for the times we live in. Highly recommend this book.