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  • G. Wright - Great idea, shame it doesn't work!

    If it did what it says on the tin it would be great, but it's basically expensive lawn seed and a plastic bottle.

  • Tech Savvy - Good Tablet Dragged Down by Mediocre, Low-res Display

    This is partially a review of the phone and partially a review of Asus's ZenUI launcher. I really want to review this as 3.5 stars, but I'm settling on 3. I've had the tablet for less than a day, so these are mainly first impressions while setting up the tablet, downloading and installing apps, and quickly checking out a few of the ones I did install. Because the display has such a low PPI, I would've been much happier with spending less on the same-res (but higher PPI) 8" version of this tablet or spending more on a 1080p (and much higher PPI) tablet at this size.

  • J. A. Joseph - Saw this in recommended ads online and it seemed ridiculous but then this ...

    Saw this in recommended ads online and it seemed ridiculous but then this was in the Amazon Lightning Deals and I figured it was worth a try. I give my dog baths in the tub and she usually fills up the hair catcher every time. They get gross, I throw them out, and buy new ones. Seems super wasteful, so I was excited to give this a try. This actually works really well! If I don't clean it after bathing her, it does clog a little bit, but it's easy to clean and stick back in the tub. I will never use a different drain protector again.

  • N. Merlo - Yes, but ...

    I agree with what some of the other folks who did not give this book a 5-star rating had to say; HOWEVER, the principles at the heart of this book are priceless for us all. YES, the book is not very well thought out, it's structure leaves much to be desired, the graphic of the eating plan is a disgrace, there are a lot of details that simply are not there and the author does leave you with a lot of questions ... BUT, the idea of the good bacteria vs. bad bacteria that lives in our gut is right on and I guarantee you can be free of a plethora of different symptoms should you choose to follow the few simple principles in this book. Now, as far as the author constantly pitching her products goes (and boy does she) you need to look past that; think of it as her just helping you along with a one-stop shopping site to get you started eating this way ... hey, a girl has to make a buck - let's not hold this against her. I started out ordering some of her products at the get-go because I was so excited about the diet that I wanted to start a.s.a.p. but later on you can shop around and find similar products elsewhere if that makes you feel any better. Although, the products from her site are good quality and there isn't anything wrong with them, so really ... it's not that big a deal that she pitches them as much as she does.

  • Edward Kerns - Does not fit a 2014 CRV

    This does not work on a 2014. The black s trip on the rain grad is solid on the 2014. Have to cut it to make a space to attach. Directions suck

  • Betty - Not worth the money

    Unless you modified the whole car this tuner is useless. As soon as I installed it, it started making vibrating noise under the hood. So I removed the tune and the vibration stop. I only had a CAI on my charger RT. I was told after that I needed a exhaust system and do more mods for the tuner to work properly... not worth the extra work for a 40hp gain.