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Goldwater Law Firm - National Injury Lawyers - Have you or a loved one been injured by a defective drug or product? Call the Goldwater Law Firm today! You may be entitled to substantial compensation.

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  • Xarelto - Goldwater Law Firm - Have you or a loved one suffered severe bleeding while taking Xarelto? You deserve compensation for your injuries. Call the Goldwater Law Firm today!
  • Zofran - Goldwater Law Firm - The anti-nausea drug Zofran has been linked to serious birth defects. Find out more about the Zofran lawsuit here!
  • Risperdal - Goldwater Law Firm - The anti-psychotic drug Risperdal has been linked to gynecomastia! Find out how the Goldwater Law Firm can help.
  • Onglyza - Goldwater Lawfirm - If you or a loved one have taken Onglyza and suffered heart failure, call the Goldwater Law Firm! Find more information about the Onglyza lawsuit here.
  • Yaz - Goldwater Law Firm - Yaz and other birth control pills have been linked to serious health problems! Find out how the Goldwater Law Firm can help.
  • IVC Filters - Goldwater Law Firm - Have you or a loved one had an IVC Filter implanted? The Goldwater Law Firm helps victims of IVC filters file personal injury suits everyday. Just call us!
  • Taxotere - Goldwater Law Firm - Taxotere has been found to cause permanent hair loss in some cancer patients. If you or a loved one have suffered alopecia after taking taxotere, call us!
  • Transvaginal Mesh - Goldwater Law Firm - Have you or a loved one suffered due to a transvaginal mesh implant? You may be entitled to compensation. Call the Goldwater Law Firm today to learn more!
  • Hip Replacements - Goldwater Law Firm - Have you or a loved one had a faulty hip replacement? There are deadlines to file claims for hip replacements, so don't delay! Call the Goldwater Law Firm!
  • Talcum Powder - Goldwater Law Firm - If you or a loved one have used talcum powder and been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, call the Goldwater Law Firm. Read more about the talcum powder lawsuit
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  • Energy Drink - Goldwater Law Firm - Energy drinks can cause severe heart problems. If you or a loved one have been hospitalized after drinking an energy drink - call the Goldwater Law Firm!
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  • Don Cobblerone - It's a great UPS. With two batteries

    I have to admit, I bought this elsewhere because two weeks back, I couldn't find it on Amazon. I wanted this particular model, had to have it NOW and perhaps it was so new no one carried it. It's a great UPS. With two batteries, it supports two LCD monitors, my power-hungry 4-drive RAID tower, cable modem, Belkin router and my NetTalk phone adaptor unplugged from the wall for 33 minutes at a draw of 230W. That's pretty beastly. I also have my Brother laser printer and various big-block adaptors for peripherals like speakers, phone charger, two external hard drives, and external RAID array etc.. Total draw, back-up and merely surge protected, 480 watts when the laser printer prints. Plenty of capacity. It connects to a USB port and CyberPower's software gives me draw, voltage and settings to shut down (on Win10, it hibernates, but it seems ok) with 5 minutes of backup remaining. It's a robust power backup. Also, it has a surge/joules rating of 1500 and it's fast. Usually, with an UPS you give up surge capability, but you can safely give up your surge suppressors for this. Truth be told, I extend a power strip (not a protector) from a non-backed-up surge outlet to accommodate my power-blocks and "officially, you aren't supposed to do that. However, NEVER plug a surge-protector into a surge protector or surge outlet from an UPS. You don't double the protection, you subvert it for reasons I won't go into here.

  • cindy crabtree - be careful when purchasing

    After I purchased my initial ONE TIME ONLY 30 day supply - I was billed over $50 and was sent another supply without my permission. Once I reviewed the statement it was actually $150 broken into 3 payments. When I called the person on the other end was rude and kept trying to talk me into trying the product. She was having a hard time understanding that I already had the product and did not want to pay $150. I saw no improvement to wrinkles or skin but I am not rating the product one star - I am rating the customer service, company and Cindy for letting this company rip off people. Shame on the them = poor customer service...

  • Christl - Satisfied

    The cost is much better than I could do locally. And the dosage was/is important to me. The dosage for the product I got locally was 3 caplets twice daily. This one is one with each meal. It was recommended to me because undergoing a thyroidectomy. I'm still early on in taking it, so not sure just how effective it will be overall for me, but am very pleased with the service and product.

  • M. E. Carter - 4 stars

    As a woman who has had 3 kids I found that prenatal vitamins were the best I'd ever taken. When I happened upon these I had to give them a try, because I'd been going from brand to brand of multi vitamins for women, and they just didn't do it for me. If you have issues like I do with swallowing pills as large as the prenatal vitamins we're prescribed when pregnant, don't worry these aren't as big and much easier to swallow. I've recommended these to my daughter who is planning to start a family next year so that they're in her system before she's conceived and recommend that she continues after the birth, because woman bodies go through so much to bring forth life. I received this product on a promotional discount for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review and I am not required to give a positive review. I am also not affiliated with the seller in any way.

  • Amazon Customer - I would have given it 5 stars if it had actually WORKED for me, solid book nonetheless!

    Ok, this MIGHT very well be a great book in most circumstances. I liked the take-personal-responsibility part of it. However, it did not improve my own marriage but that may very well be a result of other factors so I can blame the book for that. I would have given it 5 stars if it had WORKED for me but four star because I simply liked the authors frank, honest guidance!