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  • George J. - Incredibly powerful volume. Should be read by every high ...

    Incredibly powerful volume. Should be read by every high school student. The REAL history that the "court historians" don't want you to know about, backed up by numerous contemporary photographs and newspaper articles.

  • b_davis - Does not dry my skin out

    I am in love with this cleanser! I use serums on a daily basis, and this product was a great addition to my daily skin routine. I love what vitamin C serums do for my skin, and this cleanser works as well as I hoped it would. I also love that it has rosehip oil, which I believe enhances the skin brightening and helps with providing moisture for my skin. My skin is so smooth and soft after using this cleanser, and makes my face feel clean and fresh. The cleanser also has a wonderful, fresh, citrus scent. I wish the bottle were bigger and came with more than 4oz., but a little does go a long way. If you are serious about your skin care routine and are looking for something that has anti-aging benefits, I recommend you give this product a try. On a side not, personally, I have been trying to get my husband to start using some of my anti-aging skin products and I can not get him to use the regular serums. I keep this cleanser in the shower, and he actually does like using this. So, if you want to get a man to add some anti-aging products into his routine, this is an easy way to sneak some skin care into your man's life. I hope that this review was helpful!

  • L J FOSTER - Side splitting stuff!

    There had been much speculation whether Australia’s favourite stand-up comedian could transform his skills into a written narrative, and all I can say is he delivers. The laughs start from the beginning with the title (can a conservative even be a revolutionary?) and the thigh slapping just continues from there.

  • JBrown - Good stuff.

    My wife and I had Note 4s. I got these cases in clear for them because they were the only ones I could find that weren't complete junk (I'm looking at you, Otterbox).

  • Vero - Interesting read! Amanda and Mark are a great couple!

    This is Book 3 in the "Brightside" Series and my first one by Katie Delahany and I really liked it!