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  • BigMoeDee - Not for Toyota 4Runner 1997

    This web site advertised the ease of installation and as a match for the 1997 4Runner. Don't even think about trying this combination if you have a 1997 4Runner. This antenna is not even close to being a match without major re-engineering of the antenna attachment point.

  • Mike - only wide shoe at this price range

    i got this model and last years model and the sh-r088e is way better in quality. this models heel is lower. it has some of the best vent hols on the bottom i had ever used with one metal mesh at the tows and one under your arch. very happy with my purchase.

  • A. M. - It's ok

    It is good but not great. The guaruna powder works much better - but this is convenient to have with .

  • Jacob J. - Im VERY HAPPY i found this book; it changed my life.

    My anxiety together with my tactile and sound sensitivity were creating a lot of emotional pain in my life. After many months and years of searching for a solution to my conditions, and trying many supplements, techniques, and reading tons of books without finding a real solution to my problems, i found Gut and Psychology Symdrom. This book saved my life. The info i found in this book about how diet, coupled with an imbalance of bacteria in the gut, can affect your psychological health, was eye opennig. today my inxiety is under control, my tactile and sound sensitivity is very minimal. I recommend this book to anyone who is experiencing any of the condictions i mentioned before, or if u just want to be healthy. Thanks God and Dr. Natasha Campbel for such a wounderful and helpful book!

  • Mccafferty - Estrolibrium has meant more rest which means more energy

    The extreme sleeplessness due to menopause was really getting out of hand for me. I was up seemingly all night and was extremely tired the next day. It was frustrating and my low energy level was truly effecting my daily activities like being productive at work. The Estrolibrium has helped me finally have a good night's rest free of the constant tossing and turning and waking up. The restful nights has made me feel better all around at work. It is just what I needed.