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Gilde Healthcare is a venture capital and growth capital firm | Gilde Healthcare - Gilde Healthcare invests in fast growing, innovative businesses delivering better care at lower cost.

  • About Gilde Healthcare | Gilde Healthcare - Gilde Healthcare is a specialized transatlantic healthcare investor. Gilde Healthcare is organized along two business lines and invests in both innovative healthcare technology companies as well as lower mid market healthcare services companies.
  • Fysius Back Clinics - The back pain specialist | Cases | Gilde Healthcare - Fysius is a chain of clinics for patients with lower-back and related pains. The treatment methods and treatment aids, such as the OriGENE device, take advantage…
  • Definiens | Cases | Gilde Healthcare - Definiens is the leading provider of image analysis and data mining solutions for life sciences, tissue diagnostics and clinical digital pathology. Following Gilde's…
  • Inova Labs | Cases | Gilde Healthcare - Inova Labs markets portable oxygen concentrators for patients suffering from respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). After Gilde…
  • Stepping Stones | Cases | Gilde Healthcare - Stepping Stones Home & Care operates intimate, high-quality private nursing homes. The company offers 24/7 specialized healthcare and residential services to elderly…
  • uniQure | Cases | Gilde Healthcare - uniQure is a leading gene therapy company that developed the first and only gene therapy product to receive regulatory approval in the European Union. Gene therapy…

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  • Gerry Ortiz - SO much fun!

    I love this game. I had just dance 3 previously and I loved that one too but the song selection was weak. This game has tons of current songs and some old hits too. This game has awesome online features and a nice selection of downloadable content. One review mentions how their is little dancing but the wii remote only tracks your right hand movements Wich completely eliminates the rest of the body from being tracked. The more arm movements the game has the better it tracks you and scores you. This is an awesome game to play alone with online challenges but MUCH more fun playing with friends and family, I highly recommend this game.

  • Roxanne - Don't Rent/Buy Unless Required

    Even if your professor does require this book, all the Restatements, UCC, and CISG are available online. Just type it into Google. I think I used the book once.

  • Mindy Montano - like I did they have test to see if you ...

    I failed my drug test through a lab lost my job, but the game me a option to take it again and I bought the drink again figured worth a shot... First time 4 days clean 2nd time 2 weeks cleans passed the test. So it works and doesn't .... 50/50 I use cannabis daily for years little info.

  • Pamela - Very difficult to use

    This product freezes up and crashes on a regular basis! I would not recommend this products to anyone. Also difficult to set up.

  • PJDour - NRS Pilot Knofe

    Recently bought the NRS pilot knife for a week long kayak camping trip. I like the secure attachment to my PFD, but the nicest feature was the quick and sure release. It's somewhat "spring loaded" using the clips that secure it to the sheath. The blunt/flat point ensures no accidental punctures, and the formed semi-circle cutter makes fast cutting of ropes a snap. The quick release mechanism also locks the knife back in with a snap - if it does not snap, it's not in. Again, something almost foolproof, which is nice if you are reacting to an issue on the water. Great overall blade. I also ordered the Gerber Rivermate at the same time, as I have beena Gerber fan fr 40+ years, but the NRS Pilot wins my vote as the knife to carry on the water.

  • Marty B. - Don't waste time OR money on this junk!

    OK, I've now had this system for about 3 months. It has actually worked about half that time. It will randomly stop responding to any input. It is currently down, saying "Keypad out of range" on the keyboard. The keyboard is 4 FEET from the freaking base station. I've had to call in and have this piece of junk reset twice since I've had it. I'm sick of having to call customer service for something that should just work. Maybe I'm asking too much. When it does work, I sometimes have to enter my code 2 or 3 times for it to finally accept it, and sometimes it won't accept it at all, and the alarm siren goes off, and I have to get the keychain remote to turn it off. I end up going to work half the time without my $250 system even working because it won't accept my code that day. Then I come home and it takes it. What a frustrating piece of junk! It hasn't worked in about a week now. All batteries have been changed, keypad is 4 feet from the base station, yet the keypad STILL says "Keypad out of range" as well as some random sensor number that is not even part of my system saying it's not working. I wish I could find something good to say about this thing, but it's just not ready for prime time. If you think your time is valuable, and you want an alarm that actually WORKS as an alarm, i strongly advise you to get a real system. This one could possibly drive you to drinking. And no, I don't work for another alarm system (and to call this unit an alarm system is truly a stretch). Just check my other reviews and you'll see I'm a real consumer that gives honest reviews. So buyer beware on this one!