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  • Mark1Smiles - Standing Room Only

    We found our copy to be immensely useful both for the immediate utility of the statistical data on micro-geographical distribution of toilets, public, Western - who knew the conversational value of being able to cite with accuracy not only where Western toilets could be found in Shandong, but where those with wooden seats were most prevalent! Spouting forth information of such critical importance assured us of open doors to all but the highest circles of government.

  • Richard T McCahill - Non stick My Buttocks!

    Like many of you out there I couldnt wait to crack a couple of fried eggs on this to see if it works like it shows on TV. Bad news folks, it dont! In the commercial they show a guy sliding two fried eggs around in the pan and it is a total lie. I dont know about you folks, but I dont like getting suckered. This pan is going right back where it came from.

  • Scot W - Works well, but could use some usability improvements

    OK, I've had time to use this for a while, and it works pretty well. I put a Vmaxtanks MR107 battery in it. Likes: Plastic is reasonably thick, top seems very sturdy, and I like the built in meter. Dislikes: The single strap holding the top to bottom is not enough (if it lets go, out comes the battery) and I added another strap in the other direction. The design should include two straps. My battery is smaller, so the battery can flop around the case a bit, so I jammed some foam blocks in there to keep it secure. Also, where you grab the tub to carry the battery with two hands on the sides, the plastic should be rounded (A 50 pound battery digs into your hands a bit while carrying) - so use the single handle for comfort. I would love to see an (optional) shoulder carry strap for this so you could more easily carry to/from your small boat. Lastly, the battery wingnuts should really include a rubber strap holding them to the battery. As it is now, it's easy to leave the wingnuts on your bench after charging the battery, or drop them in the water by accident.

  • Aron Graham - Distilled Lady Gaga - Beautiful, Honest, Compelling

    If “Lady Gaga” is meat dresses, little monsters, a David Bowie-like androgyny, radical individualism bordering on the extreme, and relatively impersonal “club music,” then this album should not bear her name.

  • David H. - Worked great for adapting a HannsG 27.5 inch monitor

    My office mounts all monitors on arms, and when I started and brought in my own HannsG 27.5" monitor, the 75mm mounting plate of course didn't work. As others have noted, this adapter's outer points tend to extend outside the depression in the monitor, as it did for me as well. However, in my case, the depression was very slight - maybe 0.5mm, so it wasn't a problem.

  • Spiritalive - Great intensive hydrator!

    I have been using this product for years. I have naturally dry, coarse, curly hair. This product leaves my hair soft and manageable. It is a great hydrator. For people who need an intensive hydrator, this is the product for you.