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Groundbreaking bodybuilding book - Break The Code - The latest book from bodybuilder and highly successful competition prep coach Chris Wormley. Free excerpts available online!

  • Safe Steroid Injection Procedures - Break the Code - Addressing some of the common questions relating to the procedures involved with injectable steroids in bodybuilding.
  • Addressing bodybuilding steroid negative side effects - Break the Code - Addressing and minimising the common side effects of steroid use in bodybuilders. Excerpt from the groundbreaking book, Break The Code.
  • Peptide use in bodybuilding - Break the Code - Peptides have become increasingly popular in bodybuilding/strength circles, due in part to a reduction in availability of authentic steroids.
  • Accessory Drugs in Bodybuilding - Break the Code - Assessing the use of and side effects of accessory drugs including HCG in bodybuilding.
  • Bodybuilding Steroids - a comprehensive guide - Common bodybuilding steroids. Understand the different types of steroid available. Excerpt from the groundbreaking book, Break the Code.
  • Steroid use and female hormones - a bodybuilders guide - Understanding the effects of bodybuilding steroids on estrogen levels in females. Excerpt from the groundbreaking book, Break the Code.
  • Bodybuilders guide to steroid presentations - Break The Code - A guide to the different types of steroid presentations used by bodybuilders. Excerpt from the groundbreaking book, Break The Code.

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  • torlaura - Great Product....

    Got this product from Amazon for half the cost of what the mfg. is selling it for. Overall experience is that it works great. I feel that this product is already working on my abs.... Can't wait to see the end results. Also included with the slendertone belt is an extension that can be used if your waste is over the 44"-47" belt length just so you know...

  • Carie M. Dobson - Good information, good plan - but you do need to make it your own.

    I really hate it when someone writes a book to promote their "other" business - which in this case is several other businesses, one of which being the supplements. That being said, I was able to find my own supplements on Amazon that met the requirements (he does list the actual nutrients and amounts needed) for a much lower price.

  • Gracie - energy - yes

    I had more energy while taking this but lost no weight even with diet and exercise. I had already lost 35 and thought this would help me finish. Nope.

  • Father James Cornelle - Excellent Dictionary

    This book has been very useful for me and I look forward to keep it by my side in my new language adventure.

  • Jewels - Good

    Not as comprehensive as had hoped. Would have liked more information about shopping areas. Easy to navigate through book. Wouldn't buy again

  • Laura - It is way too harsh on the skin

    I made it passed 3 months hoping to see my skin completely clear like most reviews said. I followed it religiously (by the 3rd month I wanted to scream it was so annoying). If my results were great I would have continued but these products are just too harsh and drying on the skin. I have people ask me regularly if I am sunburned. Although it kept most of my deep cystic pimples at bay, I constantly saw them trying to poke through and they would get very itchy. It wasn't a good enough improvement for me to stay on the regimen. I went to a specialist and she told me to definitely stop the regimen and that my skin was screaming for hydration. It is a shame because I wanted it to work. I wish those of you trying Dan's regimen the best and I hope it works for you! Unfortunately it didn't for me.

  • Robert F. - not to shabby

    I bought this product about a month ago. So far it has been a really good addition to the bike. Installation was very easy and all of the parts seem to be of good quality. The only two complaints that I have is the length of the wire harness and I wish the smoke tint was darker than it is.