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  • Ashley bittner - Does not kill fleas!!

    Does nothing.. Not sure what theses other people are using that are giving good reviews but I followed the exact inductions and I literally watched fleas all crawling on my cat ad I rinsed her and was picking live one's of les then 5 minutes after her bath.. also this is the 6th bath in 2 months still see no results going to buy better product tomorrow.

  • SLKnut - Charger

    I am so glad that I purchased this! I am now able to charge C and D batteries, charge more AA or AAA batteries at once and it charges more quickly than my old 4 battery wall charger for AA or AAA batteries by energizer. Great purchase!

  • JamMac - Nice, versatile cooler

    Perfect for day trips! Works great in the car and in the boat for our family. We use this when we won't be gone long enough to warrant using our big cooler and it works great!!

  • Tom Hagedorn - The product is great!!

    The product taste GREAT and I like there is hardly any sugar. I am diabetic and its something I can use compared to over the counter powder products. I choose to put fresh fruit into the shake instead of the flavor packs. It is filling and I dont get hungry. Read the lable and see how nutritional in comparison. The only reason I havent lost weight is because I dont stick with it like I should. Its my fault not the product.My brother-in-law has lost 4o lbs on it so I need to get busy and get serious before the Holidays hit!! What I like most is I ordered 2 bags and didnt have to get on a monthly set up with a distributor. Ive done that before and would have 10 bags of product . I am glad I can order at my own speed and have faith Im on my way to weight loss.I highly reccomend this to any one wanting a weight loss.thanks TOM

  • Ruben A. Ochoa - I have beautiful, youthful

    I have beautiful, youthful, resilliant naturally tan skin tjay tends to not be sensitive, but this stuff burned and left my skin red and blotchy. Not good

  • Teresa Tran - Great price!

    This is a great set of earphones/Bluetooth headset. I use mine mainly to listen to music while at the gym. Unfortunately I left it in my pants while doing laundry so now the Bluetooth is messed up. But as a set of earphones, it still works. Of you want a simple set then this is good. If you want over priced headsets that are actually junk but you just want to look cool then buy those popular headsets that have that big ol' "b" printed on it.