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Genesis Learning Enhancement Center - Welcome to the Frontpage! - At Genesis Learning Enhancement Center you can permanently improve the flow of information in your brain with Crossinology® Brain Integration. No drugs or surgery needed.

  • Genesis Learning Enhancement Center - What is Brain Integration Therapy? - ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia can be erased without drugs. Call Genesis Learning Enhancement Center for more details
  • Genesis Learning Enhancement Center - Enzyme Therapy / Digestive Stress - A digestive stress test can help show if a diet change or enzymes could help your health
  • Genesis Learning Enhancement Center - Muscle Reactivation - Dr. McGough can reactivate muscles that have shut down to eliminate pain and promote healing with an MRT: Muscle Reactivation Technique
  • Genesis Learning Enhancement Center - Light Touch Therapy - Dr. Christina McGough uses this unique massage to help establish your body's stability so you can be healthy and prevent sickness

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  • gladiator unbeatable - Nice chairs

    The chairs appear really well made. They are sturdy, held up my 285lb brother. Comfortable. I do not like the pillows, so I don't use them. They are HEAVY so I wouldn't advise them for the beach or camping. I use mine on my back porch for summer time hanging out.

  • angeltoes - Warps in use

    Heavy stainless steel pans should not warp in use. I absolutely hate this product . Wish I had gone to America's Test Kitchen for their review on pans. Used them before and got great pans. These are a waste of my money.

  • Mary Small - I am super excited about these lights

    I am super excited about these lights. I immediately put one above my front door and the other above my back door. They are super bright. They're so small that they're not even very noticeable until nighttime when they turn on. I love the green color of them too. Not only for the irony of it being green energy but because its a really pretty color. I can't wait to buy more and I would definitely recommend these to everyone!

  • T. L. Pistole - Best knee sleeve ever!

    I have purchased several kinds of knee braces for both my husband and I. These are by far our favorite brand that we have used. These are a very thick style of neoprene (ok I cant guarantee exactly what kind of material it is actually I did not bother to read it) I love it though. It doesn't slide around when moving around doing exorcises, sweat doesn't seem to make it get all soft and yucky or fall off. My husband typically uses the kind with the open patella and this one does not have that (I know that was my fault bc I didn't think about it when I bought these) but he tried them anyways and found that he likes them even better and did not even know that is what he should be doing differently to make his knees hurt less! SO win for me not reading all the way through before buying! These are a very nice thick material, with great seams (he always rips the seams out within a month or so) and we go through a lot of the other brands) This comes as a pair which is even better bc many of the ones he has to buy come singly and it gets so expensive! But long story short these are a great find and the best pair of all types and price points of knee sleeves we have tried ever.

  • Boudin - Great seller, OEM product

    The mud guards are an OEM Toyota part for 2013 RAV4s. They come with installation instructions ( very simple ) and all hardware, however you do reuse 2 existing screws. Just a tip when installing you don't need to drill out the dimples, they will puncture when you go to set the screw in if you press hard enough.