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  • Nashoba Losa - Fine product

    I think this is a good kit and the results are very good. I recently bought a 2002 used vehicle and it is really nice with only 65,000 miles on the clock. It is a very nice 20-footer. The most obvious flaw was the headlight lens. As you would expect, they were in really bad shape, which I knew at the time of purchase. I looked at all the available kits for restoring these headlight lens and this one was the most reasonable when all the reviews were considered. I checked other sites, too, and this one seemed to be highly rated on all of them. So I bought this one. What appealed to me was the amount of labor required and the process of the sand paper and the reasonableness of the system. It worked just as advertised and the available video from, Sylvania and on YouTube show just how low tech but high result this process is. One word of caution about applying the final UV coating. When they say "immediate" touch up is necessary, that means "RIGHT NOW", not in more than a few seconds. My lens are clear but I have a flaw on the passenger side lens because I did not see a tiny spot I missed and it smeared some when I did so a couple of minutes later. It is still crystal clear, just smeared in a small spot. My wife does not notice it but I do.

  • Jean - Makes Strong Fingernails

    I used this product on a daily basis, three capsules a day, for 6 months to help with thinning hair. My fingernails have never been stronger and my skin looks good so I believe the ingredients are working. I have seen new hairs grow in but they remain wispy and thin, but in 6 months time the new hairs have grown to about 3-4 inches long. I was hoping they would thicken up and that fill in. Unfortunately, I seem to be one of those people that fits into the category of a rare side effect of saw palmetto, which causes heavy bleeding. I had to stop taking this product because the saw palmetto in it was causing severe bleeding during my periods and prolonging them to weeks at a time.

  • Nancy Nguyen - Great for pole!

    I love this! We use this at my pole studio and it keeps my hands from slipping off the pole. I have sweaty palms that I can't stop and dry the pole every time it slicks up. Be careful though. Too much and it'll be too dry!