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  • larandy - What a Mess!

    Beware on this version of Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2012! If you do a search you'll find lots of posts about the frustration of trying to use this software on Windows. I have been using it for years and bought updated versions regularly, but so far, once installed, this version won't work! After searching the Net I found the manufacturer has labelled this a known bug, a problem between their software and Windows. Right now, following their instructions, I am uninstalling a bunch of Microsoft programs (having no idea what that'll mess up), uninstalling the Hallmark software, reinstalling it and then praying it'll work. This is WAY too much hassle for a greeting card program. My advice: look elsewhere.

  • bhlsbgj - So far so good :-)

    I just received this book and am only 34 pages in but I already feel compelled to write a great review. This is probably the 5th or 6th Access book I've read and it is like no other. I know a lot about Access basics but being the OCD perfectionist that I am, I decided to start from page 1 (well, page "ix" to be exact LOL) just in case there are little tidbits about the basics that might help me out along the way. I wasn't disappointed. The explanations in this book (even for the "simple" stuff) are amazingly detailed without being overly technical and dry. I'm learning things about Access that I never knew (like the difference between object tables, transaction tables, and join tables). I'm not a technologist... just a random office worker who got a wild hair up her butt several years ago to learn Access one day. I've never been formally trained with regards to databases or the theory of database design. Book learning and hands on practice are all I have to go on. I'm now a self-employed sole proprietor and use Access to keep up with all of my business-related transactions. Being able to design my own database has been a great learning experience and a huge money saver thanks to books like these. I'm currently trying to learn enough to build a database to track my family finances. I'm looking forward to finishing this book and updating my review with more good stuff. Thanks to those who worked hard to make such a comprehensive, easy-to-read book about a potentially VERY boring topic!!!

  • Angela J. Star - On the course to significant recovery

    This book will really help you if you are like me. Someone with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, allergies (food and environmental) plus all the other symptoms associated with them. It starts with your gut. I'm just starting this journey but I think I have finally hit on the course that will bring me significant recovery.

  • angela m gagne - Turns itself on. Only hot worked, no medium heat was available.

    We're in the middle of a kitchen renovation and needed something to help us get by without a stove for 4 weeks only. I figured it should hold up for a month. There were two issues with this device immediately: it would turn itself on again even though it said off and when we had it on low or warm it would be scorching hot. So, it was either burn the food or not cook and unplug it when not in use. Because others spoke more highly, we returned for a new one. We'll see how the second one works out. Great part of this: Amazon sent a new one out immediately so we went only two days without a hotplate. Will try it out today.

  • R. Brown - Natural Alternatives

    I'll be brief. I had knee problems. It has a lot of information and you will find out some things you didn't know. And there is a good part of the book that you already know concerning diets, exercise, etc. The bottom line is that Glucosimine and Chondroiton supplements will relieve pain and get you moving much better. I've tried it several times and it has much benefit. If you are over weight you need to lose it and though it may help you in the short term for some people age and other factors may eventually leave you with little choice but surgery. My doctor originally put me on pain killers. I didn't want to go that route and the supplements got me off of them.

  • MarcieB - Thank You !!!

    THANK YOU !!! You wrote one complete book did not start a mini series with five different parts . I don't know why a lot of urban authors and books are going in that direction but I hate that. It takes to long and by the time the part two drops I have to reread part one to remember what the hell is going on . I have read every book you wrote and I have loved them all . I don't even read the description because I have never been disappointed with any of your books .