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  • Maurizio G. - Great pedals - recommend buying

    These pedals are great. They have a nice look, are sturdy and lightweight for their category. Obviously if you want super light pedals you wouldn't be looking at flats. They make great contact with the 5 10 shoes. And price is great. They are much better than some others in the $50 range

  • Aerabess - With Prime I got this super fast!

    With Prime I got this super fast!! was well packaged! My 15 yr old son put it together! great instructions!. Im a big Gurl and this thing handles fine!. Ill update after I have had it awhile, it is still new!

  • Ross Capdeville - This is a great book that allowed me to get a 87% on ...

    This is a great book that allowed me to get a 87% on my written exam. It took about 6 hours to go through the book and another 3 hours on the included practice tests. They have done a good job on the questions - I would say at least 2/3's of the questions on my exam were in the book. When I got to the exam even though I was allocated 2.5 hours to complete, I finished in 40 minutes.

  • ELFS - Good for mopping, not for scrubbing

    I purchased this mop for the easy-ring out function and because the mop head is machine washable. Both of which features work as described. My only issue with the mop is that the cloth strips are loose, and it's hard to get good pressure to scrub the floor. If you press down to hard, it's just pushing the pole into the floor. However, every time I rinse the mop, the water is dirty, so it must be getting the job done!

  • greeky - do not order--made me sick!

    I ordered this product. I received it and took 1 dose (1 ounce) of product. I immediately had to go to the bathroom, threw up, and then started to shake! I threw up everything that was in my stomach and I felt like I was going to die! I would NEVER buy this product again.

  • Purchasing Maniac - Works good

    Girlfriend is a snorer, she was hesitant to try this but, when i woke up in a better mood and making her breakfast she was thrilled to wear it again lol occasionally lets out a little snore. Cant use it with cold as she cant breathe, also really for those who snore from their mouths not nose