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  • NannerJ - Will last a lifetime, but...

    I have had this set of knives, but without the block or steak knives. I bought them in 1973 - yes, 42 years ago - and they still look like new (except for the paring knife which my ex used to pry something, chipping off the very tip). I was told by a rep at a home show that I could get that knife replaced/repaired for just the cost of shipping. I love the feel of the handles and heft for chores that require that.

  • Avidrunner - Keeps getting better and better

    Received a copy. I am voluntarily reviewing. If you are a reader and have been following the exhilarating path that the Journeymen have been taking then you have a wild ride in front of you. You have no idea what is about to hit you in the adrenaline department. Hell these characters are going to grab you and take you with them. Golden Czermack has a way with words that pull you into the story, grabs you, shakes you and just possibly makes you breathless. The description of the characters, the epic scenery painted is like wrapping yourself up in a blanket so it can all take place and you are held in place for the roller coaster named Made To Suffer. This journey that Golden Czermack has created from characters to story line is simply on the amazing level. This series becomes a part of you, it gets under your skin and you will be able to feel the pulse through your veins. Well done and looking forward to the continuation of the journey!


    I bought this because my instructor told me that this comes with the MYITLAB because the IBSN code is the one with a package of the textbook and access code. However, after two returns, no access code and it was more of a hassle buying it from amazon to get a cheaper price.