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  • Natlee - Great little thermometer!

    I found this on Amazon after realizing that I needed a reliable thermometer for our new baby. Although I just received it, I have tested it on myself and my husband and have found it to provide accurate readings. On top of that, it is very simple to use. I would reccommend this to anyone looking for an affordable and user friendly thermometer.

  • Natty Simmons - Waiting for results.

    Cream is soft and blends nicely, you should use the "Finulite Cellulite Smoothing Massage Mitt" after the application. Leaves some redness but skin is smooth.

  • Amazon Customer - 2014 is riddled with issues

    We have used QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions for many years. We have always loved it until we upgraded to 2014!! I work for a DOD contractor & it is imperative our reports run. The 2014 is constantly crashing when we run a large employee report, will not update system, we can't view all the employee data or paychecks in a report without a system crash, we can't see all of the check to enter class data on the right side, memory error messages, conflicts with windows 8, too many issues list. We have the full service plan too. Our file will not rebuild now after the updates....on and on...They told us they were aware of these issues and have been WORKING THEM FOR MONTHS and would email us when an update was available. Really, this is Intuit - do you not know how to Beta Test.

  • Sherry Martolock - DO NOT ORDER!!

    This program sounds good but once you get them on the phone they start throwing in extras for no charge and your credit card is charged one charge after another. They will not stop charging your account stating you okayed these charges. It is a credit card nightmare. These people are smooth talkers. When I called I was on phone 30 mins. With them adding more cd's for free that they charged me for and several times I said I don't want to order I changed my mind because I knew this didn't feel right. But finally fell for it and trusted I would get full refund after filling out Survey. Then I see charges on credit card I didn't know what they were for and can't get them off. I finally returned survey and made copy sent through post office for signed delivery and received a refund of some of the charges. They still want to continue charging me for Calm Parent program at $49.00 a month. So I stopped my credit card. Please don't put yourself through this nightmare like I did.

  • Joseph C Pelc - Explanation for Design Changes -Assurance that product is same quality - UPDATED with response from CHEETAH MOUNTS

    I have now purchased two of these units - one is holding a 60" PN60F5300 Samsung Plasma and the other a 51" PN51F4500 Samsung Plasma. The instructions were adequate and I made sure to tighten even the pre-assembled nuts and screws. The two piece top and bottom make me a little nervous - as does the lack of nuts on the screws for the side brackets. I know this is rated to 165 lbs (my 60" is about 60lbs and the 51" is about 40 lbs) but I will keep checking to make sure the steel isn't bending. Maybe CheetahMounts can speak more to this with assurance that it will hold up. I think that they should explain how the new design in multiple pieces is truly as strong as the previous one piece design.

  • The Red Queen - This product has truly changed my quality of life! ...

    This product has truly changed my quality of life! I have more energy than ever, no joint aches, no fibromyalgia pain, less digestive troubles, more hair, and stronger fingernails. And that's just to start. A lifesaver!