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  • Bob Kaplan - Consistently rude customer support

    While I was not particularly pleased having to go through all those steps with GValidate, once I did get the program working it was ok. However, I would NEVER buy anything from VersaCheck again. On two different occasions, separated by at least one year, I had to make several calls to their customer support. The first time was to initially setup my program. The second was when I moved to a new PC. On each occasion I probably had to call there 3-4 times before I could get the program working. On each occasion I got a different person answering my call. While they were all different people, they ALL shared in the same attitude. They were ALL horribly rude!! Surely, this must be something they are taught by their management as it cannot be a coincidence.

  • CallMeCrazy - Did what it said it would do.

    I don't know how, but this really works for me. I have a pretty ample booty, but at the bottom I have those cellulite type dimples. I didn't expect anything to happen in three weeks, but I was putting it in pretty religiously twice sometimes three times per day. I took a look in the mirror and all those ugly little dimples were GONE. I was floored. Now I can wear short shorts again, and not worry if they ride up a bit.

  • Brian Iwanylo - Great tech-support. Uses factory key Fob.

    Super easy install. I did need to call the seller Who provided tech-support with programming issues I think one of me wires was not set all the way. Tech-support call me back quickly. And help me troubleshoot. Talk me through the process. Thanks again keep up the good work.

  • B. Hill - East to Install....Looks Great

    This matte black fuel door provides a much cleaner look to our 14 Wrangler Unlimited. It seems to be made of aluminum, but I am not sure. The installation was very simple by removing the left rear tail light to release the factory trim. No drilling, no screws.

  • Sue Miller - PediaSure is an Excellent Nutritional Supplement for Toddlers

    This has been a godsend for my granddaughter for the past year. As a typical toddler, she has poor eating habits and we were concerned that she wasn't getting proper nutrition to support a growing body. PediaSure Nutrition Drink is recommended by Pediatricians and loved by kids! My granddaughter likes the banana and strawberry flavors but not the chocolate because it is a strong flavor. Instead, we order vanilla and add a small amount of chocolate syrup to create a "chocolate shake", which is her favorite. It was so successful, in fact, that we had to cut back on her consumption because she began to prefer the shakes over any other food or drink. The drink is also very filling, so little ones sleep thru the night with full tummies even if they don't eat a good dinner. And mommies sleep well at night because their children are getting the nutrition they need.

  • Lydia - Might be a good program IF you could get it to load and or run!

    After investing 4 plus hours of my time trying to get this program to simply run and without success I returned it to Hallmark. The tech department at Hallmark tried to help, but their suggestions were repetitive and simply didn't work. If you do some research on this product you will see others having similar problems. I was on Windows 7 Professional. The CD version FINALLY loaded, but then the program would never run. Hallmark offered me the downloable program and I had indentical error's.

  • Laurie Meyers - I didn't notice any change using this product but I ...

    I didn't notice any change using this product but I didn't purchase Step 2. Not sure if that would have made the difference or not.