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    Country:, Europe, NL

    City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Lenny - Everything 2k touches on this one is gold (dat soundtrack, tho!)

    A deeply engrossing basketball simulation with beautiful graphics and fun online play. My Career Mode is especially fun considering you scan your own face into the character (easiest with a free app on your smartphone) that develops into an NBA star and a reputable street ball player. I've got to say, the "got next" feature of online play at the virtual parks makes me want to get out there IRL and the music soundtrack gets me going! I haven't even gotten to My Team mode or anytjing else! Basketball fans, pick this up.

  • Arlene A. Solan - somewhat better in magazine form

    I think cooking light has great recipes and advice. Its digital form has some drawbacks. I can't get it to view in horizontal form on my kindle fire and I find it harder to navigate. I do like the quick access to extra recipes and availability of back issues.

  • AllyB - Great Value

    These are such a great value and have a great assortment of vitamins, i am hoping it improves my hair!

  • ftgfs2 - Stubborn fat!

    Wish it tasted as well as other energy water additives that I have tried. I like that it also has weight-loss ingredients in it but I haven't lost any weight drinking 3 a day. Although, I am not a bigger girl, I only need to lose 10-15 lbs because I am on the higher side of the range for my height so maybe it's not effective for my type of weight loss that I am seeking. If anyone has suggestions, I am open to listening to shed these stubborn pounds!

  • Sean Evans - Mine leaked

    Both hoses leaked, the crimps werent very good, I cut the crimp fittings off and put hose clamps on the nipples, seems to be working good now.

  • JohnnyC - AWESOME Product!!!

    This is an AWESOME product for men who want good hair removal in those "private areas" without the burn associated with other hair-removal products (to include any other Nair products). If you want to be really smooth and clean "down there" this is the product for you. Don't EVEN THINK about using anything else!!!

  • Jayblur - Decent Hot Plate, Great Price.

    I had the old model of this hot plate for well over four years, and even then it only broke as a result of water damage. I've since replaced it with this newer model, and am quite satisfied. I live in a studio with no stove, so this is my only means of cooking. It takes about four minutes to bring ~30oz of water to a boil when set to "high"; and will easily fry an egg or pancake at the "Low" setting, which takes maybe 30 seconds to warm up to. The materials feel a bit cheap, though it is light in weight. I received this product with a crooked dial on it, likely from the factory (as there were no signs of rough handling on the packaging) but it was fairly easy to bend back to the appropriate angle using no more than a thumb. When turned off from a high heat, there are some strange popping/clicking noises made every so often from the inside, but nothing horrible has come of it. This is a fine product, and I highly recommend it to anyone who intends to use it as a primary cooking device.