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  • Karen Goelz - Never disappoints!

    This is my grandson's favorite part of Advent! We have gotten him one of the Lego Advent calendars for the last three years and this one has been just as big a hit as last year. If you have a lego nut in your house you must get one of these

  • All Booked Up - Lies. All of it.

    Susan Latan Weeks was raised in a family that thrived on crime. Her daddy was a bootlegger and she helped him run his operation long before outside forces "introduced" her to a life of crime.

  • Blues30 - My joints even felt great! However

    I wanted this product to work. I was really desperate. I ordered a box of this as well as the five lac. After taking Three Lac all my yeast symptoms subsided. My joints even felt great ! However, I felt like I was getting a UTI. After having a big problem with UTI's in the past this really scared me. So I called Three Lac and they told me it was part of the die off and I wanted them to be correct. So I went down to half a packet. I even had my husband try this and he felt like he was getting sick. The half a packet still made me feel like I had a UTI. I also had horrible abdominal cramping while taking this. So I stropped taking it and the UTI symptoms and abdominal cramping went away.

  • Ms. Cat - Fills in the thin spots nicely!

    This product is great. I heard about it from a hairdresser and so far, I really like it. I'm not exactly sure how it works but the powder fills in the thin spots and even covers some grays. It looks very natural! I didn't buy the finishing spray but maybe I will. I have to be careful sometimes because if I have the product in my hair and then I put my sunglasses on top of my head, I'll get dark smudges on face.

  • Joe Cleary - What a great lightning deal!!!

    What a sharp looking bag! Super lightweight, I would buy this bag even if it was not waterproof for that price!

  • Just Nise - Concept good, not so awesome for clumsies

    Yes, I get the concept. I was intrigues, that's why I bought it. But really, it makes a mess and how many of us have a flat surface that isn't right on the same damn work space where you are probably brewing your soon to be Awesome cup of joe. Eh. I think the concept is cool. If you are stealthier, monitor your soaking time, and aren't a clumsy arse like me, then this could be for you. Even at a few bucks, it wasn't for me. Not a thing I'd get again for me or others.