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  • That awesome girl - It's interesting...

    For me...It seems to lower my heart rate allowing me to push hard before I get into my usual HR zone. Because of this I did sweat more than usual, which made me nauseous do too dehydration. I've been using this for almost a month, and I noticed these changes when I went to the gym without it. I'd recommend this product if you need a boost to go harder.

  • Airake - Don't bother

    Unfortunately, EA Games wasn't prepared to launch this game but they decided to anyhow. I've tried now and I'm not even able to start a city. From the first look at things they've taken away a lot of the fun things of the past - the ability to transform the landscape, the various densities of zoning, the ability to make large cities. The cities themselves make no sense and you'll find very small cities with 4, 5, and 10 story buildings when their population wouldn't support that. Everything looks car-centric and transit has taken a back burner. In all honesty, unless this game is fixed with some major changes I probably won't even play when EA fixes their servers because it looks so boring and is so regimented. It's taking all of the creativity out of the game.

  • Dienekes - Breeze to install and works quietly

    I'm a first time homeowner and I installed it with no problem. The instructions are very clear. If you have a previous InSinkErator, the installation can be even faster because you don't have to install the top portion of the disposal. However, I went ahead and did it anyways because I liked how the new logo looks in the sink. The compact design really came in handy for my tight sink space. The best part is that it is really quiet (as far as garbage disposals go). Finally, the four year warranty is a great benefit.

  • Just Another Guy - Thank God

    We have fought for years with my poodle's itching, scratching, and terrible odor. We have been for allergy testing by a pet dermatologist and followed their advice. No cure. I found this shampoo on Amazon and the last two months have been great--- the odor is gone and she is scratching very little. Be sure to use it every three days for the first few weeks.

  • Robyn Anderson - It's perfect for my son and easily transported

    I purchased this stroller because it is light weight and has a mesh backing (AZ heat). It's perfect for my son and easily transported. Love it!

  • Donna Dumas - Inspirational!

    Everyone should read this book! We all love them from their show, but the book tells us why we love them. It also gives you insight into keeping on with the good fight (making lemonade out of lemons). Loved this book!

  • Chris - I love it! I have it plugged into my 80s ...

    I love it! I have it plugged into my 80s era amplifier to stream from my phone, and unplug it for when I want to listen on the go. I may even buy another one so I don't have to "bother" with the unplugging. An extra bonus is that my phone, on it's own, doesn't put out a whole lot of volume, but having it send audio through this gives it a lot more!