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The FitSmart® Diet Program FitSmart® Diet - Ditch the diets and start eating the FitSmart® Diet way. So where do you begin? The key to healthy, lasting weight loss is to change the way you think about eating. Think of it as nourishing and strengthening your body.

  • About FitSmart® Diet FitSmart® Diet - About FitSmart® Diet FitSmart® Diet provides the most complete, personalized diet plan available. Whether you want to maintain your current size, lose weight ...

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  • David Van Der Heide - Its a lie

    This product is fairly decent but it is not an all in one at all. For instance it claims that it replaces an electrolyte drink. It contains 2% daily value of sodium and 1% daily value of potassium in one serving. That is not replacing, and if it does that poorly at replacing one drink, it really makes you wonder about the other claims. Highly disappointed and not close to the $200 value they claim.

  • E. Cutler - Quicken Rental Property Manager 2010

    It does not come with instructions or phone support and it is not a very user friendly software package. If you never used quicken I would think twice about purchasing it.

  • S. KRAMER - Works like a charm for me

    Not sure of other reviews, this thing has worked well for way over 6 months. It heats quickly and reliably. It generates more than enough water for my rain-shower shower system, and has capacity to spare. I ran it today with 8 faucets open, and its 140 degrees of red-hot water just kept going. Only caution note is make 110% sure you have at least a 1 inch gas supply line AND make sure you have a UPGRADED gas meter (most meters can not handle a tankless along with other appliances - they have a maximum of ~250,000 BTU, not enough for a furnace and tankless at same time!).

  • Jared Edens - It's alright, could be better.

    My big problem lately is that Avast has felt the need to start aggressively advertising these additional services. Little pop up notifications and windows will sporadically happen trying to get me to purchase 30-50 dollar pieces of software that probably barely warrant a price tag of 10-20.

  • NotThatGirl - It Works Like Magic!

    I am on my third tube of this foot cream and nothing I have ever tried has worked as well and as quickly as this does. My feet are always so much softer after just one day and calluses really do soften and disappear if you give it enough time. I use a pumice stone in the shower and that in conjunction with this really revives my feet. Terrific heel balm!