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  • joanne - Portable high chair

    Very safe and steady feeling, very compact to transport, I have one table with a vertical lip under the table top out at the edge and the arm won't screw down enough to go over that lip but on other tables it has been great. I recommend looking under your table to see how it's constructed before purchasing this.

  • taty - dont see any diffrences

    been using this for four weeks already.. do not see any changes at all !!!i am not happy with the product at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • THOMAS WEAVER - Perfect for me

    This mask will make your skin glow. I bought it after reading through all the reviews focused on anti-aging and wrinkles issue. I am satisfied with the result. My fine lines are diminished to minimal level. Those deep lined crow’s feet on both sided of my eyes are reduced to manageable point. This sheet mask did what other pricey creams could not for a long time. It is amazing that I never knew about it until three months ago. I had heard about pearl mask sheets but not that it works so better. A perfect anti-aging and anti-wrinkle product. Ladies and gentlemen over 40 should give this product a try.

  • M. Rose - So useful!

    I have been loving this Shea butter!! I have not had any experiences with Shea Butter before so, as I always tend to do, I turned to the good old internet. I knew Shea butter was good in whipped body butters, but I hadn't realized just how wonderful this product truly was until now! The Buena Shea comes in a 8 oz (240ml) jar. The texture is a tad grainy and it smells a little earthy, but upon research this is what you want when looking for a raw , unrefined, premium Shea butter. On the bottom of the tub is the expiration date. I have already been using this daily and it honestly doesn't even look like I have used any since such a small amount is need for application. I wash my hands A LOT and around this time I start getting cracks in my thumbs near my nails and it is so painful. I have been using a little shea butter to moisturize my hands and they are so soft since using it. I can already tell this is going to be my best friend during winter:) I also have been applying this to my heels at night and I can tell a difference there as well. There are so many other uses that the Shea Butter works well for and I look forward to doing more products with the Shea butter. I would recommend it.

  • LaserM - The best laptop bag I've owned.

    Excellent bag. The laptop stores in a separate compartment that unzips to lay flat while traveling. I have traveled through several airports and the US airports seem fine with it so far. (Japan, not so much) If anything, it may have too many hidden zippered compartments. I forgot where I put my car keys on my first trip with it and started to panic a bit when I returned home and thought they were lost. This is easy to carry, has plenty of room, is very well made, and fits my 17" Macbook Pro just fine, even with an iPad Mini in the supplied pouch. I carry a lot of stuff in mine and find there is plenty of room. The external pouch for a water bottle and strap for luggage handles gets used a lot. I also like the velcro covers and outside straps on the main flap. I have been carrying laptops with me since they were invented and I preferred messenger bags. I can afford and appreciate quality, and this is by far the best laptop bag I have ever owned.

  • BroVan - 😘 I LOVE THeSe SHOES!!!

    I'm a Nike fanatic!!!! This was just another Nike product that I would say "get 'em" :). They are really comfortable and they run true to size (like if you wear 8 get a 8) and they are really pretty 😊

  • Hairy Bear - dependable backup

    Powerful backup tool I have used several versions of this tool. Twice I have used to recover from drive failures. When the boot sector on my hard drive failed I was able to use the Acronis boot disk to use my machine until I had time to replace the drive. Easy to setup and forget until you need it.