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    The FIRST thing this app offers you is a "FREE" gift....but they REQUIRE your CREDIT CARD/PAYPAL information! Why? Because YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE "FREE" JUNK! Oh—right you're only paying for the "shipping!!" If you waste your time pouring through all of your "FREE" gift options you will soon realize that it is all CHEEP CRAP——it is not worth the fee for s&h——then it's SUPER EASY to shop the garbage with ONE SIMPLE CLICK——BECAUSE YOU'VE ALREADY GIVEN THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD/PAYPAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION! Just take a couple of dollars into your bathroom and flush them away......could I be any clearer?

  • Tim Frank - Great Book!

    To anyone trying to understand the "mysteries" of female behavior, this book is a great education in relationships! My wife loves the "new me". I highly recommend this book to those guys trying to puzzle through the strange responses they sometimes get from their favorite lady.