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  • Nick Ricci - How can you go wrong with Sorry??

    This game was purchased for my middle-school students. Their ages range from 10-17 and they all love it! It is also great for adults as like me, you probably played this as a kid! Great for kids, great for families, pretty much great for everyone! You can NOT go wrong with Sorry!

  • Joan Skifano - White DVD lacked street name updates

    On my recent trip to Orlando the map update did not name the street it wanted me to turn on most of the directions were make the next left turn or turn right in a 1/4 of a mile. My old system always gave me the street or highway name when it wanted me to turn or stay on a particular road

  • Ed the Pilot - Its okay for an expensive limited device.

    The unit has a way too sensitive screen, It jumps around when touching it. Called Garmin customer support and they had no answer for this.

  • Retired Economics Professor - SAFE MONEY IS A REAL PROBLEM WITH IE 10

    I note that many of these reviews seem to be of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, a very good program, not Kaspersky Internet Security. This, it seems to me, may lead to some confusion in the minds of readers. The latter is a much more comprehensive program, encompassing more than anti-virus protection. I purchased Internet Security 2014 in late October of 2013 from Amazon at a very competitive price. The anti-virus software was installed with little or no difficulty. Safe Money, however, is a real headache. It is now past midnight and I have been struggling with it since seven this morning. Kaspersky support was worse than useless. I sent them two e-mails with their "Report Makers" showing the specifics of my computer(s), none of which have been answered. I have also spoken to them over the phone twice, only to be told to contact Microsoft and sent up other blind alleys. I have installed it on three computers and get the same results on all of them. Apparently, Safe Money 2014 is infinitely more problematic to activate than Safe Money 2013, requiring manual (rather than automatic)activation of each "addon," as well as other problems. At this point, I have little faith that Kaspersky Technical Support will ever provide the required assistance to activate an unduly cumbersome program. My advice is to avoid it until they have worked out all the bugs and are willing to seriously support it. I am sorry I cannot give it a better review. I installed it with wonderful expectations. Kaspersky has fallen far short of those expectations. I give it four stars for anti-virus protection and a zero for the Safe Money program and technical support.

  • Clara W. - I recommend this to everyone who has pets and carpet

    This stuff works miracles! When I moved to WA from CO I was unprepared for fleas, never having dealt with them in such an arid place as CO. Giving my cats and dog drops monthly wasn't doing the job. I had this stuff professionally applied (and subsequently I've done it myself) and it worked perfectly! Kept the flea situation under control for over a year in between aplications. I recommend this to everyone who has pets and carpet.

  • Ted Eddings - Preferred 2010 version. Some older features are now missing. Liked older version better.

    Harder to navigate on some things. Liked by 2010 version better. Harder to find checks and info on them. Prefer older version more. Old version no longer supported on quickbooks tax service.