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  • kbill - Temp settings are awful. Don't waste your money. Boils on keep warm setting

    I wanted so much to love this crock pot. After 10 years my old one finally went out. This thing has crazy temperature controls. It boils on keep warm setting. Too bad I tossed the box else I would return it. I can't even use it because it boils everything! UGGH

  • Claudia R. Smith - But would like to have more recipes in the magazine

    Downloaded to my Kindle and have read some and checked out the recipes. But would like to have more recipes in the magazine.

  • chipman - Great tax software

    I saw the two reviews before mine and was confused by them. I've used this product (was called Tax Cut Home and Business) for over ten years just to do Business and Trust returns, Then moving those incomes or losses to the clients 1040. It's a very inexpensive tax program compared to others. Perhaps they should contact a professional. I would offer my services but I'm not taking on any new clients. This is an excellent all in one tax program. It does take a while to get use to moving between the forms but, if you use the guide it will keep you out of trouble. You can call H&R Block for advice if it really gets too deep for you. Check for updates often this year.

  • Amazon Customer - Just as awesome as the original!

    Loved playing the original version. It's easy to learn, quick to play. I often play while waiting for doctoy appointments. So when this new version, Flow Free: Hexes became available I was instantly hooked!

  • success - Skin rashes_ Ex Brand partner

    I was a brand partner . I have the ability to outsell if not everybody just about everybody in the industry honestly, but I have moral standards to live by and paid back money to brand partners out of my own pocket who could not make it .

  • Mirage Hughes - Writer's Market

    I am very pleased with this publication. It is a wealth of information for the freelance writer, and well worth the money. The online subscription is an extra special bonus. All very valuable.

  • G_man - What I love the most about this product that it's 100% natural ...

    What I love the most about this product that it's 100% natural and safe to use. Even though I just turned 40 but I noticed that my memory is failing me and it's becoming harder to focus on the task in hand and that's where this product comes in play.