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FailFirstHurts - Fail First policies, also known as Step Therapy, are an insurance practice which requires the least expensive drug in any class to be prescribed to a patient first, even if a patient’s physician believes a different therapy is medically in the best interest for their condition.When a patient has to fail first on a drug before being allowed to take the medication originally prescribed, the patient, physician and public health suffers.

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  • J. Kneubuhl - Ama-Bakawa-P***y-P***y

    My review title is a no doubt barely adequate attempt to transcribe John's "speaking in tongues" signing on the chorus of this song. To me, this song is a distant cousin of "Strawberry Fields Forever" in that it evokes a memory from childhood of discovering something both magical and profoundly emotional. They symphony playing along with John sounds way more soulful than anything ELO ever managed. "#9 Dream" is one of those moments where John's artsy side yields something absolutely lovely, as opposed to, say, his artsy side yielding something like "Two Virgins". Maybe "ama bakawa pussy pussy" was John having a prophetic vision of Pussy Riot and cheering them on?

  • Lynn - I love this book

    I love this book. It was suspenseful which I really love in a book. Haley had one night with Luke. She leaves to fulfill her dream of becoming a pastry chef. It's not all its cracked up to be so she decides to move back to Willow Creek. Only to find out things are not the way she left them. Steam factor 5. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book

  • Willy F - Not a good fake.

    They ran a bit small, but its a shot in the dark anytime you order shoes online. I ordered the Grey/moonrock and the just have a cheap material look to them right off the bat. The laces had a blue tint to them that just gave away the fact they they're not the real Yeezy. Also, the stitching from the laces to the toe that's found on a real Yeezy is not the same. I've ordered for myself and my fiancé other knock-off Yeezys that are not only a durable well made shoe, but also a great fake. These are neither. If you're looking for a cheap comfy work shoe that might not last, you found it.

  • Shanon D. Sanchez - No more Shinny Back Side on my Man! Yeah Baby!

    I started my beautifully handsome husband of 40 years on Viviscal PRODESSIONAL back in Feb of 2016, @ 2 TABS first thing in the morning. I'm the only one that cuts his hair and may is say with much honesty, I could feel and see changes by the middle of the 3rd month and by June 1st, his 'halo patch' on the back side was finally filling in. Had we started this 10-15 years ago, we'd probably be done by now and just do maintenance. But after he ran out of these, I purchased the Viciscal Extra Strength thinking surely it'll do the same. Nope, stayed the changes at all. So tonight I'm back to order another couple of batches of the PROFESSIONAL. It works so why fix something that's not broken. But for maintenance, we've already witness it's going to do great.

  • Mark R. Hinkle - Great travel bag

    I needed a small carryon for a change of clothes after an international flight this does the trick. You can pack it into itself and stick it into you luggage. it's very sturdy and keeps it's contents dry even when traveling through the rainy Scottish weather. Other features I liked included the ability to carry over one shoulder or convert it to a backpack. Extremely we'll made.


    I don't believe this product is an authentic product produced by Philosophy...or perhaps it had somehow been altered/diluted/mixed with other chemicals to decrease production cost. Will be purchasing from legit carriers of the Philosophy brand in the future - where I can guarantee I'm getting exactly what I paid for.