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EXTRÊME LIMITE | KLIM | GOPRO | 509 | - Equipement pour moto neige avec klimquebec   distributeur en équipement moto neige de plusieurs marques et d’accessoires de sport. Le spécialiste de l’équipement pour moto neige au Québec

Country:, North America, CA

City: -72.6667 Quebec, Canada

  • Garnet Back Together - Effective Treatment for Alcohol and Sugar Cravings

    I took this to help me quit drinking alcohol. Cravings for alcohol can be caused by bacteria or yeasts that feed on sugars. Alcohol is like a super-sugar, and this explains why so many recovering alcoholics start eating sugary foods. Goldenseal kills the bugs that make you want sugar. It's powerful. I felt a difference within a few hours, and I don't crave sugar at all. As part of a regimen that included other herbs like Valerian, Kudzu, and Dandelion, I have been sober for two months and haven't struggled nearly as much as I had in the past. I'm very grateful to have learned about this herb, and this brand in particular is potent.

  • Donna M. Weigel - Another adrenal fatigue suffer... yes it works. UPDATE: Pain and meditation

    I have had this one week. Normally I will wait a good month before review a product but this was such an instant difference I didn't need to wait.

  • Lynette Lopez - Ok shaping tool

    Comes in a black box which you could give as a gift to the man in your life. The shaping tool helps guide the guy into getting that perfect cut all the time. The shaping tool work great the only down side it has to be held flush against the skin so if the guy moves his hand and moves the shaping tool the perfect cut he was aiming for won't be that perfect after all. My boyfriend tried it out and said that although it works it can be frustrating holding a shaping tool to your face the whole time. I watched him become irritated with the tool until I stepped in and held it for him. I received this beard shaping tool for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Babargreen - This stuff is expensive . . . . .

    I am still using this product. I've had it about two weeks. I'm trying to use more natural products for hair and skin care. What I've noticed is that my hair is fuller as it's not "slicked down" with product that unbeknownst to me was sticking to my hair. Never realized it. My hair feels clean and soft, but a different kind of soft.When I shampoo with it now my hair sometimes "squeaks" -- now that's clean.